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Comment Re:political correctness alert (Score 1) 469

"YEAH! Screw the bows and arrows! That's not manly! Screw the spears while we're at it!!! Real men fight with 20lbs clubs!
Women... Pfffttt! They're good only for one thing, right boys?!?! If a woman wants to stay alive, she needs to get the upper body strength to be able to swing a real
Screw those fancy ass above ground houses too!!! My tribe have always lived in this cave and if somebody was too tall for it, they just shut the hell up and crawled on their fours!
I heard some people ride horses... What a bunch of little girls! Horses are tasty! You need to get food to your cave, you carry it! The whole thing at once! Man up or shut up!"

That's how that sounded to the people with more than half a brain, AC.

Comment Re:Swatting is much more serious than a "prank" (Score 1) 327

" Reminds me of a preview I saw where a girl's hiding under something while the serial killer is looking for her, she's on 911 with the operator when signal is lost. The operator hits callback, and the phone ringing points the killer straight to the girl, and he kills her while thanking the 911 operator for helping him locate her."
What's a "preview"? A movie trailer?

Comment Re:SPEED is the answer (Score 1) 422

Alright. Got it now.

As regards the ability to continuously take multiple shots per second: believe me, it is a huge advantage of DSLRs. Just try it (a hummingbird in flight, or even stationary object with VR on/off, etc.) and you'll understand why it's so important. I use it all the time. Cellphone cameras can't do it (yet probably, but I don't see how they will - short of making them bigger).

Comment Re:Not sure what's confusing (Score 1) 136

Nope. It shows my plan "UNLIMITED TALK & TEXT 1GB $60 SMARTPHONE" and the only option is "See how The MORE Everything Plan can meet your wireless needs. Please note that if you change to The MORE Everything plan, you will be unable to return to your current plan." which is actually $10 MORE than the current plan for the same minutes/texts/data.

Comment Re:SPEED is the answer (Score 1) 422

Sorry, I haven't paid attention to the GP's posting and jumped the gun.

P.S. As for the "purported superiority" of cameras: only a person who knows nothing about photography would argue that cellphone cameras are as good as "real cameras" for anything but the basic stuff. Their main advantage is that you have it on you at all times. I enjoy listening to music using an mp3 player/in-ear buds in the gym, but when I want the "real sound" I go with a "real" audio system (Monster cables optional ;) ).

Comment Re:SPEED is the answer (Score 1) 422

No. They have everything to do with "an inherent advantage to a dedicated camera that improvements in technology won't eliminate." For instance, it's impossible right now to make the sensor more sensitive keeping it at the current size - that's limited by the laws of physics. AFAIK they've been working on it for the last ten(fifteen?) years with no luck.

Comment Re:Innovation is occurring on the smartphone (Score 1) 422

Alright. I understand your point better now and mostly agree. Though I still don't get why anyone would want to make a timelapse video or stitch photos right in the field. Seems like a one-time gimmick to me. Most people will use it once or twice and forget about it. Also, the people who post-process a lot, always have their laptops in their cars/hotel rooms.
Of course there's a lot of new features appearing on cellphones. Cellphone manufacturers have to fight tooth and nail for a tiniest share of the market and will resort to anything. The camera manufacturers are relatively safe in their market niches (they make more on lenses and support, as well as space/military contracts) although they try to keep up with the casual crowd (by adding video, etc.). They will all probably go the route of Leica, Mamiya, Hasseblad, etc. - for the pros or the rich only.

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