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Comment: Re:completely different kind of addiction? (Score 1) 474

by airdrummer (#47491863) Attached to: World Health Organization Calls For Decriminalization of Drug Use

actually, they're finding game addiction (computer & gambling) are quite similar to substance addiction

and china & korea, i believe, have started to crack down (no pun intended;-) on online & gaming addiction

Comment: Re:"we'll just pull the plug" (Score 1) 564

i'm reminded of the scene where the m-5 fries the redshirt in the hallway;-)

" Soon, however, it begins to act independently of its human masters, tapping directly into the warp engines for its power and erecting a force field to protect itself."

Comment: survival value (Score 1) 529

by airdrummer (#46493299) Attached to: Religion Is Good For Your Brain

the bible also sez get ur drinking water _upstream_ from ur latrine, so of course all religions evolved thru natural selection;-) in a pre-literate world how do u pass on such survival tips? oral traditions wrap them in mnemonic narratives, and how better to enforce their practice than gods' gonna zap u (b4 lightning was understood, which wasn't all that long ago*) if u don't?-)

the downside is when those narratives are elevated to blind obedience/conformity...

*like the response of an undamped resonant system to a step function: we're still oscillating to the introduction of fire ffsake...prometheus caused global warming;-)

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