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Comment: Re:Incremental updates? (Score 1) 50 50

I usually wipe once every week or two on nightlies unless I'm getting a lot of force closes or reboots. For me, the downloads are the biggest time (and battery) suck. I'm not on Sense on my Evo LTE anymore, but the base rom is about 550mb. That is huge.

Comment: Re:Subsidies inflate pricing. (Score 1) 1797 1797

Lots of rent seeking. I know a number of people who would have, a priori, been better off just heading straight into the workforce or finding a trade to do. I also know a number of people who got a degree and went into another field, either by choice or by circumstance (eg, not finding a job), and could have ended up the same place without college. I think in either situation, these people may have thought different about their choice to go to school based on the availability (or lack there of) of school loans.

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