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Comment: Re:Why not upgrade to Chromebooks? (Score 1) 341

Switching to Chromebooks might not be the best plan for the NHS but it was the best plan for the London Council. The conversion from XP to a new operating system is more likely to be driven by business requirements than it is to be driven by FOSS ideology. Large organizations may prefer to be bound hand and feet to Apple, Google or Microsoft if it meets their business requirements. It's the modern day version of "No one was ever fired for buying IBM."

Comment: Re:Why not use GNU/Linux? (Score 1) 341

The Linux desktop environment holy wars are almost as bad as the operating system holy wars. Linux Users Have a Choice: 8 Linux Desktop Environments A lot of companies have adopted Linux in the data center but don't use Linux on the desktop. I suspect that the uncertainty around the future of any given Linux desktop environment is a good reason for companies to stick to Mac OS or Windows.

Comment: Re:Why not use GNU/Linux? (Score 1) 341

Switching to a new operating system is simple in theory but difficult in practice. I work at a company that delayed an upgrade to Windows 7 for several years because critical applications would only work with Internet Explorer 6. Linux is free but there are other costs associated with switching to Linux. I suspect that the training costs alone would be an enormous part of the project budget.

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by aheath (#45479829) Attached to: Glut In Stolen Identities Forces Price Cut
There is no requirement to carry identity cards in the UK or the US. Ration cards were used as a national identity card during the second world war. My grandfather committed an act of civil disobedience when he was stopped for speeding after the war. He refused to show his ration card because the war was over. His act of civil disobedience was debated in parliament and is one of the reasons why there are no national identity cards in the UK. British Identity Cards: Arguments For and Against their Retention and Use 1945-1952 Doesn't mention my grandfather but does provide a good overview of the postwar debate about national identity cards.

Comment: Set up hands on troubleshooting excercises (Score 2) 121

by aheath (#44702359) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Hands-On Activity For IT Career Fair
You could set up hands on troubleshooting exercises that focus on issues that the students are likely to encounter in real life. This could include troubleshooting a network connection when "the internet is broken." This could also include troubleshooting a printer that won't print. You could start with the basic questions such as: "Is the cable plugged in at both ends." You could form teams where the problem is the same but the root cause of the problem is different. This type of troubleshooting will teach the students how to fix the problems that they might encounter while using computers.

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by aheath (#44666997) Attached to: Barnes & Noble Won't Give Up On the Nook
I had a Nook Simple Touch which was gathering dust. I gave the Nook to a friend and bought a Kobo Aura HD. I like the Kobo hardware. I also like supporting my local independent bookstore when I buy books for my Kobo. Wireless syncing can be slow if the wireless signal quality is poor. I use a USB cable to charge the Kobo from my MacBook. I always sync when I charge the Kobo. The Kobo does have a social media tie ins to Facebook that I haven't used the social media features because I don't use Facebook. The one thing that I miss about the Nook Simple Touch is the rubberized back. The back of the Kobo Aura HD doesn't provide as much traction as the Nook Simple Touch. I recommend the Kobo Aura HD sleep cover because it makes the Kobo easier to hold.

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I start with my local independent bookstore. Then I try my local independent used bookstore. If I can't find what I want at either store then I will order books from Alibris. I tend to use Alibris when I want to buy a book that hasn't been released in the US. This is why I can read Iain Banks and Jo Nesbo before the US release date.

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