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Comment Learning to program by Googling + Trial & Erro (Score 5, Insightful) 606

This is why so much poor software exists in the world. I can only imagine what nightmare code is being generated by such efforts. Yes, anyone can code, just as anyone can build a house. Whether or not the house collapses immediately, whether it has any real value, or by any other measure still depends on the skill of the builder, just as in software. Garbage in -> Garbage out, applies to the code as well as the data. -AB

Submission + - MIT researchers discover "metabolic master switch" to control obesity->

ahbond writes: The meme of the chubby nerd alone in the basement may be a thing of the past. Well, at least the chubby part, if recent work at MIT pans out and we're able to use a biological 'master switch' to "dial-in" a persons metabolic rate.

"the uncovered cellular circuits may allow us to dial a metabolic master switch for both risk and non-risk individuals, as a means to counter environmental, lifestyle, or genetic contributors to obesity.”

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Submission + - Poor Management Threatens Kickstarter Darling, Star Citizen->

ahbond writes: Glassdoor reviews paint a grim picture of the development environment for those working at Star Citizen's development house. Even the positive reviews point to poor management and leadership at Cloud Imperium Games.

“A wasted opportunity that jeopardizes the studios involved and crowd-funding as a whole. ”
“I do not recommend working here, the environment was extremely toxic. ”
“Great potential wasted due to poor leadership and management ”

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Comment Re:How long does Steam's offline mode last? (Score 1) 157

Hi, See: post from Valve developer, Henry Goffin, on a Steam Community thread about Steam's offline mode: "Offline Mode is designed to be indefinite. You can't access any of Steam's online features such as friends lists or saved game synchronization, of course, but the client should allow you to run in Offline Mode for as long as you like."

Comment Re:Gamers are stupid (Score 1) 157

Hi, The issue here isn't games that require registration/authentication for initial installation, but about games that require continual authentication and/or can't be played in "offline mode" Extremely popular Steam games (e.g. Elder Scrolls, Fallout, etc..) all seem to work just fine in offline mode. Cheers, Andrew.

Comment Re:READY OR NOT IS NOT THE ISSUE!!! (Score 1) 2219

When logins first became available on Slashdot, there was a discussion very similar to this beta fiasco. Most of the REAL old-timers boycotted it until changes to the site eventually made it necessary for the holdouts to create accounts. Hence, many of us have IDs in the six-digit range..

Comment Re:Dangers of Artificial Intelligence (Score 1) 244

I'm not sure it's impossible.. you could make the argument that the Nazis were somewhat successful at controlling Jewish people whose intelligence likely exceeded their own.. (please refrain from any complaints about this obviously politically incorrect analogy)

Comment Workaround for fb tracking (Score 1) 352

From the article: 'The only solution to Facebook not knowing who you are is to delete all Facebook cookies.' I think that if you set the cookie permissions correctly, you should be able to use fb, and not have the cookies track you after you log out (In Firefox) From the facebook home page, right-click on an empty part of the page, and select 'View Page info. The select the Permissions tab. there is an option for 'Set Cookies' Set it to 'Allow for session', and the cookies should be deleted when you logout. Cheers, Andrew.

Comment Disease names used for Windows Servers (Score 2, Funny) 1397

My favorite naming scheme was when I worked at Fujitsu Network Communications. The IT Admins used disease names for Windows 2000 Servers. e.g. CANCER PLAGUE MALARIA EBOLA etc.. I was surprised they could get away with it, but they did (It was a development environment though) Cheers, ahb.

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