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Submission + - China blames US for censoring internet->

ahaubold writes: As an answer to the annual Country Reports on Human Rights Practices which always misses out the USA, comes this year's chineese answer:
Patriot Act and Homeland Security act are named as prominent examples of US internet censoring practises.

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Submission + - Borrowed too many books - Aaron Swartz arrested->

ahaubold writes: Aaron Swartz, former executive director and founder of Demand Progress, was indicted by the US government. As best as we can tell, he is being charged with allegedly downloading too many scholarly journal articles from the Web. The government contends that downloading said articles is actually felony computer hacking and should be punished with time in prison.
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Submission + - WePad - iPad without price dictate and censorship->

ahaubold writes: Neofonie and 4tiitoo presented a working prototype of their joint venture: The WePad.
According to the companies it is not intended to be an "iPad killer" but a more flexible alternative.
See the pictures of the WePad presentation:

Bablfish translation of the original article:

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Submission + - Poor Data Protection at Facebook & the like->

ahaubold writes: The german customer protection foundation Stiftung Warentest ran a data protection test on ten major social network and community sites like Facebook and MySpace. The conclusion is: insufficient. All of them. Myspace got the worst notes of all the tested candidates, Facebook made it to the 8th rank.
Here is the story and a Babel Fish translation.
The full test and it's results are behind a paywall. Short overview is here (Translation).

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Submission + - Tim Bray joins Google->

ahaubold writes: Tim Bray, part of the XML developing group and long term Director of Web Technologies at Sun, writes on his blog that as of this morning he is a so called “Developer Advocate” at Google. His main focus will be Android.
He also writes about his motives and criticizes Apples system of Appstores.

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Submission + - White House Publishes Cyber Security Policies->

ahaubold writes:

The White House announced today that it has made a description of the Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative (CNCI) available online for public viewing. The12 CNCI initiatives cover a wide range of government activity, from cyber education to intrusion detection. However, the text of the underlying legal authority for cybersecurity still remains secret.

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Submission + - Data of tenthousands of youth public readable->

ahaubold writes: (Google Translation:
After an anonymous tip off the people behind investigated the case of insecure personnal data at the german youth and teenager community site Besides the usual XSS- and SQL injection holes they discovered that user passwords have been stored unencrypted in the database. According to the writers at the flaws have already been anounced three years ago at the annual Chaos Communication Congress (23C3,

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