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Journal: I have Gmail invites 7

Journal by ahaning

Well, since my first entry seems to have been a success, I thought I'd make another one.

This time, I have 5 Gmail invites for the first five people to reply (via a post here or a PM here) with a valid email address.

Logged-in users will have priority.

Good luck!
UPDATE: Down to 4 invites.
UPDATE: And now I only have one.
UPDATE: I'm out. Better luck next time!
UPDATE: And now I'm back to one.
UPDATE: And I'm spent! Better luck next time!

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Journal: My First Slashdot Journal Entry 1

Journal by ahaning

So, my first Slashdot journal entry. I've never done this sort of thing before, so this is rather odd.

My main point is to see if anyone will read this.

If you do, maybe you'd like some interesting sites to visit because you're obviously bored to death if you're reading my lame journal. - All text, but potentially NSFW due to harsh language. But, if you're reading Slashdot at work, is probably okay. - Porn, jokes, crap. This is CERTAINLY NotSafeForWork, unless you're allowed to browse porn at work, in which case you probably need a new job.

Total Hardware 1999 - My own site. Hardware and jumper information about much stuff from 1999 and prior. Very much SafeForWork, unless your cow-orkers would be offended by VLB cards. OHGODNO! Enjoy.

So that's it. Write some comments if you feel like it. At least I'll know then that some people actually are reading my journal, which is rather sad.

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