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Comment Re:Investors are parasites (Score 5, Insightful) 138

Oh bullshit. Twitter burns money like there's no tomorrow. They've never made a single penny of profit. To think that this would somehow go on forever, without consequences, is ridiculous. If anything, investors have been way to forgiving of twitter for far too long. Also, you're not doing anything to preserve jobs when you risk the company going under. Grow up.

Comment Re:This is not surprising (Score 1) 130

Actually, this is a problem with ALLsoftware. Most programmers are not experts on security or how to write software that is secure. Libraries just exacerbate the problem because even if the code is 100% unit tested, it doesn't mean it's safe and a lot of these libraries are huge. There's simply no way to know how secure they are. That said, the companies I have worked for run scanners against apps to test them for vulnerabilities. Just because a library has a vulnerability, it doesn't mean that vulnerability is exposed in such a way that it can be exploited externally.

Comment Re:Proof (Score 1) 546

So you have no evidence other than arguments from other /. posters. This guy's post is just as ridiculous as what he says is ridiculous. First, he states that because different newspapers have said different things, it's bullshit. Uh, since when news papers have to say the exact same thing? Can we also say that any story that isn't worded the same way by all newspapers bullshit? Sorry, but that's not evidence. Different papers have different sources and people don't tell the same story the same why. Big shocker!

Then he goes on to say it's bullshit because Snowden hasn't mentioned anything about MI6 staff records. Snowden himself said he's only looked at a small percentage of the documents. He has no idea what the fuck is even in there.

I could go on but it's pointless because neither of us is going to change our opinion today. That said...would it surprise me if the story isn't completely accurate? Nope. Does that mean it's complete bullshit? Nope.

Comment Re:Proof (Score 1) 546

While Snowden may no longer have the files himself, how could he possibly explain to the reporters he have the information to how to open the files? Makes no sense whatsoever. As for a foreign power cracking the code, they probably wouldn't need to. All they have to do is spy on the reporters that have the files and steal the code. Journalists are no match for top spies and spy tech -- nor are they trained to deal with that. Even people in the industry occasionally get fooled.

Also, the report doesn't say they cracked them at the same time.

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