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Comment: Re:Well I guess it's a good thing... (Score 2) 203

by ah.clem (#48928753) Attached to: Adobe's Latest Zero-Day Exploit Repurposed, Targeting Adult Websites

I'm curious... At this point do we just expect everything to be 100% free? Or do we think money fairies give companies the capital to pay for bandwidth and processing power?

Umm... if the advert sites go away for want of revenue, so what? I am currently involved in development work on a site in which we expect a lot of traffic, fill a niche not addressed in the chosen field, and we have no plans to run ads or charge for the service; that goes against all of our principals. And we will pony up the dough to run it ourselves, no contributions asked, expected or accepted. I also belong to a couple of private sites that are of interest to me and I contribute cash a few times a year to defray the operating costs. I also kick some cash to Wikipedia a few times a year just to help keep it ad-free. Provide it or not. Perhaps it will all come back around to Usenet and Fidonet connecting text-based RBBS. In any case, the profiteers will go away, but the information will still flow. Obviously, just my opinion.

Comment: Re:Missing Option (Score 1) 214

by ah.clem (#48714981) Attached to: New Year's Resolution for 2015

Uh, Dell P2815Q, 4k 28" $400, or the HP ENVY 32 QHD (2560*1440) for $420

I picked up the HP ENVY 32" QHD from Amazon awhile back for a bit less than US $400 to replace 2 old Dell 19" (4X3?) square monitors. I must say, the 2560X1440 is really sweet, and the color is amazing. A great deal for a great monitor for astrophotography post processing as well as plenty of acreage for my DAW and vSynths. Highly recommend.

Comment: Re:Interesting (Score 1) 293

by ah.clem (#48667699) Attached to: Hotel Group Asks FCC For Permission To Block Some Outside Wi-Fi

Wow, you seem like a fairly cynical guy and honestly, sound kinda bitter; sorry about that, and I'm not certain how much travelling you actually do for your company. All the places I ever worked for gave me the choice of airline, hotel and car (except one, and it was back in the days of Piedmont Airlines) by providing a "per diem" and letting me pay more or less for everything - I could have stayed in a Motel 6 and made money on my per diem if I wanted to - and was allowed to keep the miles as a "bonus" for doing the trip (and I suspect they felt they could pay me just a bit less as they didn't care about the miles but knew their frequent travelers did - so it worked for everyone).

But thanks for assuming that I'm a thief and embezzler; Merry Christmas to you, too!

Comment: Re:Interesting (Score 4, Insightful) 293

by ah.clem (#48661687) Attached to: Hotel Group Asks FCC For Permission To Block Some Outside Wi-Fi

Repeat guests? C'mon, really? You shop for hotels the same way the rest of us do - Either your employer tells you "you will stay here", or you use a price search and pick the lowest place that doesn't mention rats in the toilet.

I think that's probably a bad assumption. Staying within the same chain (in the US, they all have a broad range of properties at various prices, low to high) is very much the same as renting your car from the same franchise, using the same airline for the miles and a CC like Amex or BofA that gives you double miles and other perks (but be aware of your fees). I suppose that if you only travel once or twice a year then grabbing the lowest price you can get seems like a good idea, but when you are on the road a lot, building air miles, hotel loyalty perks (Executive floor access, free food and drinks, reserved parking, free ramp parking, etc.), access to your chosen airlines lounge with free drinks and snacks rather than sitting in seats picking up everyone's colds, picking up free/reduced/upgraded rental cars when on your *own* vacation are all part of the strategy. On the road, you have to think the "long game"; if you start small, just a few trips a year, you are still building your accounts - just my experience.

Comment: Re:Why does this need a sequel? (Score 1) 299

by ah.clem (#48592709) Attached to: Blade Runner 2 Script Done, Harrison Ford Says "the Best Ever"

Did Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep have a sequel?

It's always nice when hack directors decide to "fix up" the writing of gifted authors, or decide that they know better their intent. "Bladerunner" bore no resemblance to "Do Androids..." other than to steal a few great ideas. Can you imagine what a clusterfuck Scott would make out of "Ubik"? It will eventually happen; PKD is just too good for some asshat "artiste'" not to adapt beyond all recognition, time after time. The only person I might trust to do something like Ubik correctly would be Joss Whedon; at least he seems to get the genre and have fun with it. IMO, Scott is just an egotistical fool. Too bad PKD had to sell out; he was just writing too far ahead of his time and like lots of brilliant artists, had a lot of personal baggage.

Comment: Re:I don't get it (Score 2) 167

by ah.clem (#48511657) Attached to: Is a "Wikipedia For News" Feasible?

You know, I like this idea a lot, but I am not sure about it's success. I can see it would be very useful for collecting like information into one place and provide a single point of entry for all information relating to a particular story or like stories (for example, a few days after the Ferguson shooting, a white cop in a southern town shot an unarmed black man he pulled over for a seat belt violation, and the city sat on the information and video for almost a week, which resulted in no story at all, which I believe was the point - who knows about that shooting? What else happened in the world that day that got by *me* in all the noise?). Your Infobitt system would have allowed for that information to be posted almost immediately; no axes grinding, just the facts - unarmed black driver shot by white policeman, city refusing to release any information. Folks who cared would want to know that. I suspect that that people don't want to know about things anymore. I read many news feeds every day and I also read the comments for most articles. It's pretty much a troll and hate fest. In my opinion, the media is used to divide, not unite or inform. The trolls and haters don't want to see facts, they just seem to want to turn the crank a little tighter. Folks like me might be inclined to contribute to Infobitt, but really, who will be reading it? Again, just my opinion, but I think that most folks would have no idea how to use the data collected and summarized, feel even more frustrated and powerless, and spend more time in front of the television. A front-end without a back is not very effective, IMO. Perhaps I am missing the back-end? The tools that allow people to act/react in a significant way to what they are reading? That would be essential to the success of this venture, IMO.

Comment: Re: People (Score 1) 481

by ah.clem (#48069617) Attached to: Is an Octopus Too Smart For Us To Eat?

Catholics believe in transubstantiation, the literal transformation of bread and wine into the actual flesh and blood of christ, and other christians view it as the symbolic consumption of the body and blood of christ. Cannibalism is a major tenet of christianity, it is the culmination if their ritual, they just don't like to talk about it a lot. Ask a catholic about it, or even ask a non-catholic christian why they symbolically eat the flesh and blood of their savior. I guarantee you'll have an interesting conversation.

Comment: Stay local (Score 4, Insightful) 182

by ah.clem (#47964835) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Who Should Pay Costs To Attend Conferences?

Don't over think it - you can't afford to go, but they will pay for training. Find the training locally and forget the conference. Conferences are over-rated and while I wouldn't pay for my guys to attend a conference (especially Vegas), I always paid for training (and even exam costs when I had the budget for it - the last few years I could only cover training). If your job is as good as you say it is, you're a bit crazy thinking about leaving over a conference. A whole bunch of IT sucks hard out there, these days. Just my opinion and I hope this helps - it's what I would tell you if you worked for my office and came to me with this issue.

Comment: This is just fucked (Score 3, Interesting) 180

by ah.clem (#47911721) Attached to: How Governments Are Getting Around the UN's Ban On Blinding Laser Weapons

This plus the microwave weapon that makes you feel like you're on fire for "Crowd Control" - oh, no one would ever use it to "interrogate" someone, I'm sure.

What a sick fucking world we've created, or have allowed to be created by silent consent. Getting tear-gassed in the 60's was all for nothing, we were all just a bunch of idealistic assholes; we shoulda just kept our mouths shut and concentrated an getting rich, then we could be doing the burning and the blinding. What a colossal species fail we are.

I welcome that killer asteroid.

Research is what I'm doing when I don't know what I'm doing. -- Wernher von Braun