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Comment: It's kind of like driving... (Score 1) 629

by agraupe (#15393070) Attached to: What Should One Know to be Truly Computer Literate?
Oh no, here we go with another driving analogy! Well, anyway, being computer literate, in my opinion, is similar to being a good driver. You have to be technically proficient at the task, which is the level taught in schools (for driving and computers, oddly enough), but there is another element that only experience can bring to you. You have to know how your vehicle will react under various circumstances. You have to know how fast you can corner safely. You have to have an awareness of what's going on around you, so that you don't obstruct traffic and make life harder for others. It's more than just a matter of pressing pedals and turning the wheel, although those skills will allow you to drive, and possibly even pass the driver's test. Similarly, there's more to operating a computer than being able to use a few basic applications. You should be able to adapt your previous knowledge to new situations, and be able to troubleshoot any problems, among other things. The trouble is that so few people, in either situation, go beyond that level of basic competency, and it is a good thing in neither.

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