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by agm (#46521491) Attached to: Firefox 28 Arrives With VP9 Video Decoding, HTML5 Volume Controls

I update at least once every two days and I very rarely experience problems caused by portage. It pulls in all requred dependencies for me automatically and I can stop it from installing crap I don't want via USE flags. I've run a number of linux distributions and gentoo is my favourite.

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by agm (#46520133) Attached to: Firefox 28 Arrives With VP9 Video Decoding, HTML5 Volume Controls

Not for those of us running Gentoo linux.

Then you're in luck! You get to do it the hard way, which should please you since you're using Gentoo.

Typing emerge --sync && emerge -uDNvt world is hardly what I would call "hard". The point of my post is that not all users can automatically update as the article summary suggested.


EU Votes For Universal Phone Charger 358

Posted by Soulskill
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SmartAboutThings writes "The European Union has voted in favor of a draft legislation which lists among the 'essential requirements' of electrical devices approved by the EU a compatibility with 'universal' chargers. According to a German MEP, this move will eliminate 51,000 tonnes of electronic waste. The draft law was approved by an overwhelming majority: 550 votes to 12. At the moment, according to estimates, there are around 30 different types of charger on the market, but manufacturers have two years at their disposal to get ready for the new restriction."

Computing a Winner, Fusion a Loser In US Science Budget 196

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sciencehabit writes "President Barack Obama has released a $3.901 trillion budget request to Congress, including proposals for a host of federal research agencies. Science Magazine has the breakdown, including a big win for advanced computing, a big cut for fusion, and status quo for astronomy. 'In the proposed budget, advanced computing would see its funding soar 13.2% to $541 million. BES, the biggest DOE program, would get a boost of 5.5% to $1.807 billion. BER would get a 3% bump to $628 million, and nuclear physics would enjoy a 4.3% increase to $594 million. In contrast, the fusion program would take a 17.6% cut to $416 million—$88 million less than it's getting this year. Although far from final, the numbers suggest another big dip for a program that has enjoyed a roller coaster ride in recent years. In its proposed 2013 budget, DOE called for slashing spending on domestic fusion research to help pay for the increasing U.S. contribution to the international fusion experiment, ITER, in Cadarache, France.'" The Association of American Universities has issued a letter disapproving of the amount of research funding. The Planetary Society has broken down the proposed NASA budget.

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by agm (#46364355) Attached to: Github Rolls Out New Text Editor Atom

If using web technologies to build a native application is the answer, then we've asked the wrong question.

Javascript, DOM, CSS etc are a bastardised mish-mash of technologies that lack elegance and coherence; they've come about from the legacy need to display static pages in a browser. To gain functionality more and more features have been added like throwing crap against a wall in the hope something will stick. Using this spaghetti system to drive a text editor makes little sense from a technology point of view.

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by agm (#46095033) Attached to: Why Does Facebook Need To Read My Text Messages?

I do. My children don't have a cell phone and don't need one. They have iPod touches, but they aren't allowed in their rooms with them and most definitely cannot sleep with them (this is more about my paranoia of wifi signals than of privacy). All digital devices get put in a common area in the evening.


U.S. Science Agencies Get Some Relief In 2014 Budget 83

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sciencehabit writes "The ghost of former President George W. Bush permeates the 2014 budget that Congress released this week. His presence is good news for physical scientists, but less cheery for biomedical researchers, as Congress reserved some of the biggest spending increases for NASA and the Department of Energy. The National Institutes of Health, meanwhile, got a $1 billion increase that is drawing mixed reviews from research advocates."

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