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Comment: Unfeasible (Score 1) 163

by aglider (#45278705) Attached to: UN Mounts Asteroid Defense Plan Following Chelyabinsk Meteor
We would need:
1. A system to track "anything larger than a certain size"(tm) moving within out solar system and within "a certain maximum amount of time"(tm)
2. A reliable way to deflect/destroy "anything larger than a certain size"
3. A system to implement that way within "a certain maximum amount of time"(tm) available 24x7
4. The same as above multiplied by 2 or maybe 3, just in case.

It would take not less than 100 or 200 years, just to reach the agreement about who is going to look into it.

Comment: Re:Weird! (Score 0) 470

by aglider (#44520101) Attached to: Silent Circle Follows Lavabit By Closing Encrypted E-mail Service

So what'd be "encrypted email" for? Horny partners? Surprise birthday parties?
I am really curious what they think about it.

Me english to be bad. Sory!
If I establish an internet activity to provide encrypted email service I am supposed I know what encryption is for and that I won't be bale to snoop into it.
If later I say "I shut down the service not to help terrorists, as my service was meant only for horny partners and surprise birthday parties, not to really get un-snoopable communication", then I show everyone I am an incompetent and a simpleton.

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