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Comment You make me laugh! (Score 1) 231

From that pesky website:

Index is created by analyzing how often language tutorials are searched on Google

And how should this be related to rise and fall of a programming language popularity?
I would instead say that it shows how hard a programming language is to be learnt or mastered.
This study is completely flawed and aimed to religion wars among programmers!
Every one actually knows that C is the king of all languages, you insensitive statistical clod!

Submission + - Opensource router firmware OpenWRT 15.05 released

aglider writes: The newest stable iteration of the famous and glorious OpenWRT has just been released in the wild for all the supported architectures.
The latest version is 15.05, codenamed "Chaos Calmer" after a cocktail drink, just like all previous ones.
From the official announcements:

* Linux kernel updated to version 3.18
* Improved Security Features
— Rewritten package signing architecture based on ed25519
— Added support for jails
— Added support for hardened builds
* Improved Networking Support
* Platform and Driver Support

For the full details you are welcome on the forums while the firmware itself and extra packages are available from the distribution servers.
Need more features from your router? More control? More security? Fewer backdoors? OpenWRT is for you!

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