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+ - World's First 3D Printed Castle is Now Complete - On to Printing a House Next->

Submitted by ErnieKey
ErnieKey (3766427) writes "A Minnesota man, named Andrey Rudenko has officially finished 3D printing a castle in Minnesota. It is constructed using a 3d printer that extrudes a concrete mixture in 10mm high layers. The project took a couple months to complete, and the results turned out quite incredible. The castle's turrets were printed separately, and it took 7 adult men to lift them and put them on top. With his method now proven, Rudenko now plans to 3D print an entire 2-story home, in one piece, including the roof."
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+ - Amazon sold fewer Fire phones than Jack White sold VINYL records->

Submitted by McGruber
McGruber (1417641) writes "Marketwatch reports that Amazon likely had sold fewer than 35,000 Amazon Fire phones in the device's first 25 days on the market. In comparison, American musician Jack White sold 40,000 copies of his Lazaretto album on VINYL in the first week after its release in June.

Amazon's Fire phone made up just 0.02% of market share in July, according to online ads network Chitika, which analyzed tens of millions of smartphone-based online ad impressions generated within the Chitika ad network from July 25, the day the Fire was launched, through Aug. 14. When comparing that against recent data from comScore, which put total U.S. smartphone penetration at 173 million people in June, Fire sales would not have exceeded 35,000 in its first three weeks, assuming U.S. smartphone penetration remained relatively flat month-over-month.

"While the Fire Phone was listed atop Amazon's Best Seller list for several days in early August, North American usage of the device has grown only incrementally, rather than exponentially," Chitika said in a report."

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+ - It's not you Adware, It's me.->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Alex Gizis from Connectify posted: "It’s time for a confession. I experimented with Adware. That’s right, I drank the Kool-Aid, and I’m sorry I did. Opt-out installer ads have become the norm, even for big companies like Adobe, so I figured it was worth a shot...." Read more about his experience and why Connectify is now 3rd party ad-free."
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Comment: Re:Your math sucks and is biased! (Score 1) 3

by agizis (#47329017) Attached to: You're Paying Comcast's Electric Bill
Alex here, and, while that's a good observation, it's not that simple. As I described, this was the business setup. Comcast gave me two cable modems, one for my office and one for the Xfinity hotspot. The power I measure was solely for the hardware that was required to run the Xfinity hotspot. The question is, how different is the setup of consumers? They do share one modem, but in my experience most people are supplying their own wifi router (by linksys or similar) to give themselves a wifi network, in which case the fixed overhead of Comcast's wifi router is entirely there to supply the Xfinity Wifi.

+ - You're Paying Comcast's Electric Bill-> 3

Submitted by agizis
agizis (676060) writes "We know Comcast is rolling out a new WiFi network that they're installing in customer’s homes, but most articles glossed over the routers' power usage. So using a Kill-A-Watt power meter, I actually measured and Comcast is saving tens of millions per year on the backs of their customers. Sign my petition asking Comcast to compensate its customers."
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+ - Kickstarter / iFind project is suspended->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "As of approximately 9AM PDT, funding for the iFind project at Kickstarter, the one with the bluetooth tags that have no battery and that harvest energy from WiFi and other radio sources, has been suspended. No word yet on how this came about."
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+ - Comcast is turning your home into a public hotspot. ->

Submitted by agizis
agizis (676060) writes "Comcast has started using customers’ routers to create public wifi hotspots. They claim the "opt-out" hotspots don't leech from your paid bandwidth. But the bandwidth comes from somewhere. So, is it extra or is it what you paid for? The answer matters, because if they’re using your bandwidth, you should opt-out, but if it's extra, then you should start using it."
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+ - Speedify Released: Cloud Service Boosts TCP Performance->

Submitted by agizis
agizis (676060) writes "Connectify launched Speedify, a cloud service to boost TCP performance this week. Speedify lets you channel bond multiple WiFi, 3G, 4G, and wired connections to act as a single, super-fast connection. In tests, Speedify combined DSL and 4G LTE connections with Speedify, with over 90% efficiency across-the-board."
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+ - Lie Like a Lady: The Profoundly Weird, Gender-Specific Roots of the Turing Test->

Submitted by malachiorion
malachiorion (1205130) writes "Alan Turing never wrote about the Turing Test, that legendary measure of machine intelligence that was supposedly passed last weekend. He proposed something much stranger—a contest between men and machines, to see who was better at pretending to be a woman. The details of the Imitation Game aren't secret, or even hard to find, and yet no one seems to reference it. Here's my analysis for Popular Science about why they should, in part because it's so odd, but also because it might be a better test for "machines that think" than the chatbot-infested, seemingly useless Turing Test."
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+ - VPN Service for personal use 4

Submitted by kaka.mala.vachva
kaka.mala.vachva (1164605) writes "I will be traveling to India, Sri Lanka and other places in the next few months. While I do have VPN service at work, I do not want to use that — can Slashdotters recommend a VPN service for personal use? Since I will pay for this myself, cost is a consideration (though not the be-all, end-all factor). I would prefer to have a US IP address when I connect via VPN from India and Sri Lanka, since some bank services do not work with Indian IP addresses."

+ - Scaling a Cloud Service Without EC2->

Submitted by agizis
agizis (676060) writes "Last May, we began developing a worldwide cloud service where speed and reliability is everything. Like most startups, we started on Amazon Web Services (AWS). We fell in love with the functionality of EC2, but the honeymoon was over fast: the locations and pricing were just too restrictive. It's been a sometimes painful ride, so I wanted to share the story of how we broke the golden EC2 handcuffs and built our scalable service at a fraction of the EC2 price tag."
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+ - Taking a QUIC Test Drive->

Submitted by agizis
agizis (676060) writes "Google presented their new QUIC (Quick UDP Internet Connections) protocol to the IETF yesterday as a future replacement for TCP. It was discussed here when it was originally announced, but now there’s real working code. How fast is it really? We wanted to know, so we dug in and benchmarked QUIC at different bandwidths, latencies and reliability levels (test code included, of course), and ran our results by the QUIC team."
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+ - 3D Printer is being developed to build 2,500 Square Foot House In 20 Hours.

Submitted by rtoz
rtoz (2530056) writes "A professor is working on technology named as Contour Crafting which can print an entire 2,500 sqft house in 20 hours

He was able to make a printhead that can extrude wet cement in such a way that the cement is able to keep its form as each successive layer is printed.

Using the Contour Crafting (CC) a single house or a colony of houses, each with possibly a different design, may be automatically constructed in a single run, embedded in each house all the conduits for electrical, plumbing and air-conditioning.

The professor believes that his technology would make the construction of efficient buildings so cheap and efficient that we could print houses for Millions of poor people living in slums across the world. And, this kind of building process will avoid the killings and injuries related to construction accidents.

Apart from printing Houses, Contour Crafting can be used for building habitats on other planets such as Moon and Mars which are being targeted for human colonization."

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