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Comment: Re:How about repair? (Score 1) 672

by aggiefalcon01 (#29732493) Attached to: Best Developer's Laptop?
I second the repair idea. So the LCD went bonkers ... rather than spending $1200 on a new machine, why not spend $100 - $300 on a replacement screen? YMMV, but for most Gateways, the screen seems to fall in that price range. Plenty of businesses in this niche to choose from. They sell screens for MPC laptops, as well.

Comment: Re:extra power usage (Score 1) 351

by aggiefalcon01 (#20072815) Attached to: New Record For Solar Cell Power Efficiency
I've heard of quite a few people successfully doing this. Generally, during those times that their home produces more electricity than it consumes, they merely feed it back into the grid, and their power meter runs backwards. Usually, though, over the billing cycle (i.e. month) they still consume more power than they generate, so in effect they just have a much-lower bill than before.

In a few cases, some people who've done this have managed to consume less power than they generate, and in these instances, the power-company owes them money. The power company usually checks *very* carefully to see that their meter is working correctly, but once satisfied, they do get checks for the going rate for electricity at that time.

Contact Dr. Alan Zelicoff - he's done massive amounts of research into this. He's even written an outstanding small book about photovoltaics, saving energy, alternative (and efficient) HVAC systems based on water, etc.

+ - Job-placement firm threatens suit against blogger

Submitted by
Chmcginn writes: "Instapundit reports that a Tennesee woman, blogging about her & her husband's expierence with a "pay us first, then you get job placement assisstance", has recieved a takedown notice about her February 27 post, among others. Numerous other local & national blogs reporting on the same story — notably Qando's "How to Ruing your buisness in one easy step"."

+ - IBM Designs Stackable Chips

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narramissic writes: "IBM has announced plans to build smaller, more efficient chips by stacking a processor on top of its memory or power components. While some chip makers already stack processors, they connect them with long wires wrapped around the edges of the chips. By etching holes straight through the processors, IBM can use wires one-thousandth as long, and use 40 percent less electrical power, said Lisa Su, VP for IBM's semiconductor research and development center.

'Since the mid-60s we've just used the X and Y dimensions of integrated circuits. Now we can use this new approach to get around some huge problems. The bandwidth between logic and memory will go up, and it could help with the problem of power and heat dissipation,' says Dave Lammers, director of for VLSI Research Inc."

MySpace Accused Of Trampling Man's Right To 'Use Site In Peace'->

From feed by techdirtfeed
MySpace is at the center of another free-speech case, only this time it's the one that's alleged to be doing the infringing. A Missouri man has sued MySpace (unsurprisingly, pro se) for infringing his freedom of speech by "arbitrarily deleting TWO profiles" established by the man and a host of other complaints, including violating his "freedom to use the social networking site in peace". We're still looking through our copy of the Constitution to find the part about the right to use social-networking services, but maybe we've got an old version. Never mind that we thought the part about freedom of speech really only applied to the government; we weren't aware that it also meant private companies had to provide anyone and everyone with a platform to speak, and ensure it conforms to that person's every wish. They guy's stolen a few pages out of MySpace founder Brad Greenspan's playbook, and his blog-comment threats to bankrupt MySpace, bulldoze its headquarters and turn the area into a housing estate -- and then to sway Fox News' coverage even further to the right -- would seem to suggest that this case will meet the same kind of response as Greenspan's.
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Two Ways Not To Handle Free Speech 686

Posted by kdawson
from the hang-up-or-takedown dept.
Two stories in the news offer contrasting approaches by Web companies to questions of free speech. First YouTube: reader skraps notes that the Google property has recently banned the popular atheist commentator Nick Gisburne. Gisburne had been posting videos with logical arguments against Christian beliefs; but when he turned his attention to Islam (mirror of Gisburne's video by another user), YouTube pulled the plug, saying: 'After being flagged by members of the YouTube community, and reviewed by YouTube staff, the video below has been removed due to its inappropriate nature. Due to your repeated attempts to upload inappropriate videos, your account now been permanently disabled, and your videos have been taken down.' provides a second example of how to react to questions of free speech. Reader theodp sends along a story in about how Amazon hung up on customers wanting to comment on its continuing practice of selling animal-fighting magazines. The article notes that issues of free speech are rarely cut-and-dried, and that Amazon is doing itself no favors by going up against the Humane Society.
Update: 02/11 04:25 GMT by KD : updated Nick Gisburne link to new account.

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