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Comment: Re:But that's not the real problem. (Score 1) 1651

by agentkhaki (#41526203) Attached to: To Encourage Biking, Lose the Helmets

I've also lived in a few small towns, where you'd have to be crazy to bike because everything is 20 miles apart and uphill and motorists treat you with an odd reverence.

For those of us that commute as well as ride long distance for pleasure, this is actually a major upside. Where I live, most drivers will fully enter the opposite lane to give you as wide a berth as possible. When I commute the ~8.5 miles to work, by the time I reach the city, I've encountered drivers who will lay on the horn, crowd you off the road, and lean out the window screaming obscenities. The worst offenders—and this holds true when I drive, as well—tend to be those people who, for reasons unknown, still refuse to use a hands-free device whilst driving.

Comment: Re:I've stopped reading... (Score 5, Interesting) 248

by agentkhaki (#22925372) Attached to: Neal Stephenson Returns with "Anathem"
For what it's worth, Quicksilver was easily the driest of the three--it really felt like a history textbook, and I honestly don't blame anyone who gave up on the series (and possibly the author) after trying to make their way through it. I know it took me two tries, and even then it was a struggle. He started picking up steam with the second book though, and the third was quite excellent.

Comment: Re:Not enough time (Score 3, Insightful) 147

by Pyromage (#17123488) Attached to: An Early Warning System For Earthquakes
Of course more time would be better. However, nearly everything important can be done in 15 seconds. The really critical things. Like getting the generators at the hospital up to keep the ICU running. Closing gas mains. Taking the scapel out of the guys brain during surgery.

You can't drive home from the grocery store and strap yourself into bed in 15 seconds, but you can do a lot of really really important things in that time.

Microsoft Banning 360 Firmware Modders? 166

Posted by CmdrTaco
from the well-it-wouldn't-surprise-me dept.
arcon5 writes "After several months of silence it was more or less accepted that Microsoft wasn't going to do anything about the firmware hacks that allow Xbox 360s to play backups. Rather surprising, considering the 'inventor' of the hack confirmed in March already that the mods are easily detectable, and the reports that piracy is running rampant in countries like China. It appears that Microsoft is finally taking action against them though, although they may be hitting the wrong persons." Best part of that article is the firmware chip encased in epoxy.

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