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Comment: Re:I have no sympathy (Score 2) 353

by agendi (#44420369) Attached to: Apple Retailer Facing Class Action Suit Over Employee Bag Checks
Comparing salaried pilot to paid by the hour retail floor monkey. Totally the same thing. For what it's worth, I have sympathy for them and for your work conditions as you describe them. I think it sucks that you aren't paid time spent waiting on the TSA or flight paperwork etc. I think it is odd though that you complain about off-the-clock working, as they do, and you don't think it's okay for them to try to redress this?

Comment: New SI unit? (Score 1) 185

by agendi (#44173157) Attached to: Breaking Up With MakerBot
When did rounds of Candy Crush become a measurement of time? I thought the reward of the maker movement was the process in which you can design and iterate and produce your own prototypes, not the end thing itself. Once you have your design nailed down there are more cost effective and quicker production methods.

Comment: Create profiles (Score 1) 307

by agendi (#42485565) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Keeping Your Media Library Safe From Kids?
XBMC supports user profiles. I have a Kids, General, Mature profile. The kids can watch whatever is in the Kids profile, no pin set, and so can any carers. The General is Kids+ the rest of the movies and TV shows which it is okay for the content to be watched while we are nearby to supervise/explain. General is what I would generally have loaded by default. Mature is any video/TV that I don't want the kids to watch yet - pin protected. So far it works really well. Just have three directories per set that hold the content as you decide they fit the scheme. Kids only reads from TV - Kids and Movie - Kids, General reads Kids + General, Mature reads Kids + General + Mature etc.

Comment: Re:Hey Apple Users... (Score 1) 319

by agendi (#39752203) Attached to: Game Theory, Antivirus Improvements Explain Rise In Mac Malware
You are joking right? "Wndows security vulnerabilities (bugs!) allow viruses in by the truck load and they're playing with vision!? Given up on security and stability have they? I'll stay with my blind but safe Mac." Read more: non-technical Mac users say that stuff all the time especially in public. They often brag about it.

Comment: Re:Can anyone tell me... (Score 1) 314

by agendi (#37361596) Attached to: German Court Upholds Ban On Samsung Galaxy Tab
I think that what you really mean to say is that of the 10 other tablet manufacturers who Apple hasn't sued for infringing upon this design patent, the Samsung Galaxy tab is the only one that is likely to succeed, I don't think this has much to do with protecting the "design", rather using the design to protect their market share. I have one of each (ipad2 and galaxy tab) on my desk at work and I don't think they would cause anyone to pick up the wrong device, even in a hurry. While similar, they just aren't THAT alike.

Comment: Re:The relevant piece of so-called "IP" (Score 1) 314

by agendi (#37361546) Attached to: German Court Upholds Ban On Samsung Galaxy Tab
wow, without the dimensions on it, it could be argued that those designs could be a Sony or Samsung LCD TV, digital photo frame or even a car GPS device.. While Apple is feeling lucky they should try to get them banned from imports as well since the iPhone/pad can be used for each of those scenarios.

Comment: Re:Typical hype-behaviour (Score 1) 1223

by agendi (#36732692) Attached to: Google+ Already At 10 Million Users
I used to lean towards this attitude. I recently signed up to facebook due to work obligations and I needed to consult on some potential FB integrations. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I was overly critical. I have been using G+ for about a week and am liking it even more. The truth is that a social network is only as valuable as the people you relate with - I have deliberately only "friended" people that matter and turned off all game/app stuff. What I have observed is that many adults use social networks like they are teenagers again and then they complain how banal it is. In short, you want an adult social network, only link to other adults of a like mind. It's not really any different to real life in that regard.

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