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Submission + - Iran, Nuclear Weapons, and Nano Diamond Synthesis (hubpages.com)

againsttheodds writes: "With things recently heating up in Iran and circumstances surrounding their nuclear program it is prudent to take a closer look at the public evidence against them. After all, it seems we are creeping ever closer towards war with the recent killing of a nuclear professor, harsh sanctions, and Republican candidates who seem determined to send in preemptive strikes if they are elected. One key piece that the IAEA has reported in their releases is the involvement of Vyacheslav Danilenko in Iranian research. He is supposedly a top nano-diamond scientist who has even given key talks in the USA. Take a look at the evidence here http://againsttheodds.hubpages.com/hub/Iran-IAEA-and-Detonation-Nanodiamond-Synthesis Is it possible that nano-diamond science may have something to do with the construction of a nuclear weapon? Is the found detonation chamber the type that might be used in testing such a nuclear device?"

Comment Nanocoatings Are Going Mainstream (Score 5, Interesting) 314

It is no doubt that nanocoatings are going mainstream what with the latest solar paint that can harness the sun http://www.infobarrel.com/Solar_Nanopaint_-_Paint_With_Quantum_Dot_Solar_Cells and coatings for jets and other aircraft to provide excellent aerodynamic properties. Then you have nanocoatings for engines and http://againsttheodds.hubpages.com/hub/Nanodiamond-Lubricants-And-Lubrication-Particles and countless other applications on the horizon. It is an exciting time and there is still plenty of room at the bottom.

Comment pollution and foreign trade (Score 1) 284

They can be a danger to kids (just about anything can be a danger to kids) and that is good to know for people who may not realize the power in rare earth magnets. But, more importantly, the use of rare earths creates a dependence on China that is critical although new companies are now trying to fill the supply gap. That makes a good stock market emerging market if you trust in such things. Also, the conditions at such mines and the corresponding factories are lethal with likely many generations of Chinese and 3rd world laborers going to die like the early days of the coal mining industry. Better extraction and refining methods are needed as well as alternatives to rare earths which are being pursued. I have written a few articles on the rare earths and these magnets: http://againsttheodds.hubpages.com/hub/Super-Neodymium-Magnets and http://againsttheodds.hubpages.com/hub/The-Race-For-The-Stocks-Of-The-17-Rare-Earth-Elements are a few.

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