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Comment: Re:"Wer fremde Sprachen nicht kennt... (Score 2) 274

by ag0ny (#49281489) Attached to: Speaking a Second Language May Change How You See the World

I completely agree. I'm fluent in four languages: Spanish, Catalan, English and Japanese, the first two native, plus I can understand (but not speak) Italian, Portuguese and French because they aren't that different from Spanish and Catalan.

I can see how at least in my case, learning how some constructs work in one language has helped me understand things about another.

It's also true that the language used to express yourself in a given situation affects the way you think about it, because of what you can and can't express, and the limits each language imposes on how you can communicate.

Often, when I talk to my bi/trilingual friends we find ourselves changing languages mid-sentence and speaking in a mix of them, not because we don't know how to say something in English or Japanese, but because sometimes it's either easier or more accurate to use one language over the other.

Comment: Re:It wont do much, but at least register interest (Score 1) 955

by ag0ny (#43960765) Attached to: USA Calling For the Extradition of Snowden

True. This isolated case would be a breach of privacy. But all of them combined (wars for oil, prosecution of foreign nationals in foreign countries, killings of civilians, etc) would certainly be enough to put them all in jail for life.

As for guns, your police and armed forces have more of them,

Not my police. I'm happy I'm not an American. There was a time (pre-9/11) when I thought the U.S. would be an awesome place to live. I even visited the MIT to check the place before taking a decision. Then 9/11 happened and your government used it as an excuse to invade some countries and become a police state.

I moved to Japan instead.

Comment: Re:bs meter - yellow (Score 3, Informative) 319

by ag0ny (#43926695) Attached to: Japan's Radiation Disaster Toll: None Dead, None Sick

And I guess you choose to ignore those paragraphs that conflict with your confirmation bias. From the article you quoted:

Researchers at Fukushima Medical University, which has been taking the leading role in the study, have said they do not believe the most recent cases are related to the nuclear crisis.

Last month, U.N. scientists assessing the health impact of the Fukushima nuclear crisis said the radiation dose for residents in the region was much lower than Chernobyl and that they do not expect to see any increase in cancer in the future.

Comment: Re:lol... (Score 4, Informative) 319

by ag0ny (#43921017) Attached to: Japan's Radiation Disaster Toll: None Dead, None Sick

Are you seriously citing a website about oil as a reliable source for the dangers of nuclear energy? If so, then you're a fucking retard. And can't even spell "Fukushima", but that's a different issue.

How could any "fallout" from the Fukushima plant affect you 10.000km from here? And how the hell could it kill 14.000 children there? How do you estimate that? Don't you realize that the article you cited doesn't make any fucking sense?

Looks like you're another of the Americans who love to live in fear and ignorance.

Comment: Re:Stone age society develops space age technology (Score 3, Insightful) 425

by ag0ny (#42715811) Attached to: Iran Says It Sent Monkey Into Space and Back

As for great schools, perhaps they are, as long as you exclude science, philosophy, art, history, perhaps geography. Since they're state run (and the state bends the curriculum as they see fit), they are chock full of religion (which takes over the science, philosophy, and art departments) and since their government expresses blind hatred against other countries, I can only assume history and geography classes are equally skewed.

And that's different from the U.S. how?

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