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I started to hate ________, and I didn't want to. I did __________ (unrelated thing) for a few years to recharge. I miss it, and have been working to catch up on the last six years.

That is my exact story. I've been doing IT for 30+ years, and there is a six year (yup) period when I sold cars. People SHOULD take time off, or risk burning out. I'd rather have someone who took time off, than someone that is on the verge of burning out.

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by Archangel Michael (#47976245) Attached to: The Site That Teaches You To Code Well Enough To Get a Job

The hacker nature starts when a kid is six years old and takes apart a bicycle (or whatever). This is where the dad takes the kid and makes him put it back together. And then takes the bike apart, and does it again, only this time, letting the kid "modify" the bike. Hacker Nature is often drilled out (WTF are you doing, hope your happy, have fun not riding your bike because I am not helping you fix it) of kids by parents who are too busy to encourage it. I've seen plenty of parents ruin their kids with attitudes of "no".

Comment: Leave the PhD off your CV for a couple of years. (Score 4, Insightful) 158

by Ami Ganguli (#47975755) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Finding a Job After Completing Computer Science Ph.D?

It's not fair, but it's probably better to just list your master's for now.

Right now they figure you won't be happy with a junior position, but you don't have the experience from them to trust you with something more senior. Once you've got a bit of experience put the PhD back on. It will help you land more senior jobs later.

+ - Back the Future in Nuclear Armageddon

Submitted by FreedomFirstThenPeac
FreedomFirstThenPeac (1235064) writes "As a former Cold Warrior (both launch officer side and staff analytical mathematician side) I now appreciate more than ever the bitterness I saw in former WW2 warriors when they would see a Japanese car. One even commented that he was pretty unhappy that he had served in submarines to beat the Japanese, only to see their products rolling down the streets. Now I see that the President who was elected partially on a "no new nukes" plank is presiding over a major ramping up of US nuclear power.

This expansion comes under a president who campaigned for “a nuclear-free world” and made disarmament a main goal of American defense policy.

Mind you, Mutual Assured Destruction is a dangerous path, and one we managed to negotiate only because we were lucky (and we were) and because we were careful (and we were). As a strategy, it only works with rational people (e.g., world powers with lots to lose) who might have irrational expectations that they will win in the long run, the rapid fall of imperialist Russia was helpful (I have seen blackboard talks on this as a mathematical result in game theory). This speed minimized the time we spent in the high-risk regions while transiting from MAD to where we were in the 1990's, but the political world has changed, and this President is finding it hard to toe a pedagogical line in the face of neo-realpolitiks.



+ - About hiring programmers and Asperger's syndrome ->

Submitted by Maurits van der Schee
Maurits van der Schee (2943109) writes "Managers in software teams are often confronted with highly intelligent programmers; Programmers that all suffer in some extent from Asperger’s syndrome. These people are very intelligent, question authority and do not do what is told unless they are satisfied with the reasons why. They have a low social sensibility and love endless discussions about principles. They like to stick to rules onces they are settled, can focus for hours on single pieces of code, love to be fully focused and hate it to be disturbed.

Am I generalizing? Yes, you bet I am, but it is true: If you are a programmer you will recognize some of it."

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+ - How to Hire a Great Engineering Manager ->

Submitted by hype7
hype7 (239530) writes "The great engineering manager — one of the hardest candidates to find. It's easier to tell the great engineers — you can just look at their code. But how do you tell if someone is as skilled in solving the softer, human problems? This post over at VentureBeat grapples with exactly this question, suggesting a very cool test to tell if someone has the chops to lead a team of engineers. The spoiler? It involves asking an engineering manager candidate to role play out a presentation of what they'd succeeded and failed at the conclusion of their first year."
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"Actually, I've yet to see that come from anyone that's actually in the field of climate science."

Convenient Narrow Definition. I've yet to hear ANYONE that's actually in that field say anything.

Let me know when the AGW enthusiasts/scientists start correcting their spokesmen (like Al Gore, and various celebrities ) when they say stupid shit. I won't hold my breath.

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by Archangel Michael (#47964427) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Is iOS 8 a Pig?

My last phone (Just upgraded) was a Galaxy S3, running the latest Android KitKat 4.4.4. While not supported by Samsung until recently, it was supported by 3rd Party ROM makers, something that Apple doesn't have. And the upgrades along the way made my phone better, smoother, better battery etc.

And it is amazing, the biggest "Pro Apple" response I have is "Consistency", meaning that Apple never really evolves. Then there is the greatest complaint about iOS8 is that it is "too different" and "Sluggish".

My newest phone was less than 1/2 the price of the iPhone6s, with better or comparable specs across the board, and has features that Android has had for two years (or more) that iOS is just now getting. Guess what, at that rate, I can have the one of the best Android phones, twice as often compared to if I bought Apple. If you spend $900 on a phone, you best be getting a very long life out of it, you almost have to.

Comparisons are a two way street. Which is why, when all else is said and done, Apples are equivalent to two year old Androids, and cost twice as much. But they have their walled garden .

United States

Mark Zuckerberg Throws Pal Joe Green Under the Tech Immigration Bus 251

Posted by timothy
from the sorry-pal dept.
theodp (442580) writes "A month after he argued that Executive Action by President Obama on tech immigration was needed lest his billionaire bosses at Mark Zuckerberg's PAC have to hire 'just sort of OK' U.S. workers, Re/code reports that Joe Green — Zuckerberg's close friend and college roommate — has been pushed out of his role as President of for failing to Git-R-Done on an issue critical to the tech community. "Today, we wanted to share an important change with you," begins 'Leadership Change', the announcement from the Board that Todd Schulte is the new Green. So what sold on Schulte? "His [Schulte's] prior experience as Chief-of-Staff at Priorities USA, the Super PAC supporting President Obama's re-election," assured Zuckerberg in a letter to contributors, "will ensure continues its momentum for reform." Facebook, reported the Washington Post in 2013, became legally "dependent" on H-1B visas and subject to stricter regulations shortly before Zuckerberg launched with Green at the helm."

+ - Psychologist's study finds the old adage "Happy Wife, Happy Life" is true->

Submitted by tomhath
tomhath (637240) writes ""When men felt willing to express their anger or frustration, women took that as a sign that their partners were investing in the relationship, the study found. For most women studied, this translated into a sense of security or happiness for the women.

Men, by contrast, commonly expressed more fulfillment after their female partners expressed to them that they were fulfilled and satisfied in their relationships.

While the study, published in the Journal of Family Psychology, ultimately found that happiness stems from a willingness to try and understand whatever emotion one’s partner is feeling, men tend to disengage when negatively aroused, while women tend to engage and want to discuss the problem.""

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by Archangel Michael (#47950249) Attached to: Canadian Regulator Threatens To Impose New Netflix Regulation

Actually, give me one regulatory agency that has shrunk or disbanded itself when it was no longer needed. Off the top of your head. I'm sure one exists, but for the life of me, I can't think of one.

While not "proof" of expanding powers, it is something to contemplate.

Comment: Re:why does the CRTC need this list? (Score 2) 319

by Archangel Michael (#47950167) Attached to: Canadian Regulator Threatens To Impose New Netflix Regulation

Netflix is providing content Canadians want, and the government is deciding that isn't good enough. Netflix is STREAMING video, and there is a shit ton of content available, most of it isn't Canadian. If Netflix is required to carry one Canadian show, per non-Canadian show, they better start making a shit ton of new shows. Otherwise it is impossible to comply. Basically it shows that the original mandate is no longer feasible because of technology changes. This is exactly what can be expected when the world changes around those that wish it to remain the same.

Good luck making it work.

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