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Comment: Re:20 megawatts (Score 1) 195

by afxgrin (#47588111) Attached to: Inside BitFury's 20 Megawatt Bitcoin Mine

When the mining difficulty was low generating an appreciated $4000 worth of bitcoin cost a trivial amount of electricity. However, transaction processing than mining. Bitfury is just trying to squeeze the last little bit of lottery bitcoins from the mining algorithm. Comparing environmental impact on generating $4k of bitcoins vs mining gold is ridiculous, they don't compare at all.

The power consumption by modern banks processing fiat currency transactions (mostly imaginary money) compared to bitcoin transaction processing is a better comparison, and even then Bitfury won't last much longer as the mining difficulty will result in diminishing returns. The overall transaction processing will become far leaner when the payout is purely on the transaction fees.

Comment: Re:Finally! (Score 0) 474

by afxgrin (#47492713) Attached to: World Health Organization Calls For Decriminalization of Drug Use

" If you want to understand what removing legalization would result in, I recommend that you read "Diary of a Drug Fiend" by Aliestar Crowley."

You could also experiment with drugs yourself. Why read someone's opinion when you could just go and form your own.

Personally the injection route always made me a bit uneasy. It's probably the cleanest way to use these substances however, except for the poking a vein repeatedly part. All you need to do is form some sort of embolism by injecting regularly and you risk dying not even from the drug itself.

Comment: Re:There's also the price... (Score 1) 448

by afxgrin (#47306403) Attached to: $500k "Energy-Harvesting" Kickstarter Scam Unfolding Right Now

Broadband rectifying antennas aren't anything new really, sure the background RF from towers, other sources is quite significant, and most experts would point out that you can't power a bluetooth chipset on a few microwatts of harvested power - but you could use it to charge a capacitor and periodically power the chipset. An update every 30 seconds instead of continuous monitoring of an item still works for me. The only problem with making the tag so small is you don't have much space to make an antenna for longer wavelengths.

Comment: Re:Bad move (Score 3, Informative) 280

Well this Mike Hopkins guy is mostly comparing neutron yields from the D-T reaction LPP were testing with. Lerner inevitably wants to use the p-B reaction which produces no neutrons (aside from residual gas sources), however to test his pinch device using D-T is much easier as the fusion temperature is lower. It also makes for a good comparison to other pinch devices. Since the p-B reaction yields mostly photons they seek to make a fusion device from the charged particles (a stream of electrons and ions) and the photon energy collected via photoelectric current. Some of those gammas are uncapturable but the energy still captured is supposedly a net gain once they can get a high enough plasma temperature.

Engineering the Photon Capture Sphere Thing (PCST) to capture photons and electrons while not activating all the material with a 100-year half-life used in its construction, nor having it rip itself apart from dissimilar metals and thermal gradients, not having an unacceptably high rate of particles sputter the crap out of inside, is all non-trivial and would require significant trial-and-error builds. This is of course assuming they manage to make a working p-B reaction with their pinch. Best of luck to Lerner, but I'm not counting on seeing any significant results unless some billionaire type takes a risk on him.

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