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Comment: Funny (Score 1) 190

by afgun (#47586307) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Should I Fight Against Online Voting In Our Municipality?
I find it quite funny that so many slashdotters, arguably proponents of technology, turn into luddites when this topic rears up. Instead of saying no, fight for proper electronic voting technologies so we can turn this cesspool from a pseudo-republic into a real democracy and get rid of politicians altogether.

Comment: Re:And another on the ban pile (Score 1) 289

Since driving is a privilege and not a right, the government has the right to not license your car or even issue you a driver license. And [unfortunately] the courts have determined that the ACA directive to purchase insurance or pay a tax penalty is a tax, you're stuck with paying it or buying health care insurance...

Comment: Let them eat cake! (Score 1) 210

by afgun (#47216959) Attached to: Amazon Dispute Now Making Movies Harder To Order
Sure, but it's Amazon's right to try and get better prices for their consumers. And Hachette has a right to tell Amazon to get bent. And it's equally the rights of the consumer to tell Amazon to get bent, stop the Wal-Mart style strong-arming of suppliers and buy from more respecting shops. But this is America where people are only concerned about the almighty dollar and instant gratification, so they will instead continue to buy from Amazon and Wal-Mart who ultimately decimate the local economy. (full disclosure: I buy from Amazon occasionally, but more often shop at my local brick and mortar book stores)

Comment: Re:Double down? How about "No." (Score 1) 566

by afgun (#46945051) Attached to: Let Spouses of H-1B Visa Holders Work In US, Says White House
My wife would gladly work for what they are paying H-1Bs. Except that they don't want Americans. She's had the damnedest time finding work. I'm completely opposed t more work visas. We should trim them or eliminate altogether and hire Americans.

Comment: Annoying (Score 5, Insightful) 731

by afgun (#45992277) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Are AdBlock's Days Numbered?
If so many ads weren't obnoxious flash or javascript and simply a hyperlinked picture/text, then I wouldn't feel compelled to block them. But these so-called ads are largely intrusive and annoying and make the web browsing experience suck. Just like email and spam that have tracking linked images in them that I choose to automatically round file instead of at least checking out the content. Make the experience pleasant and controllable by me and I'll play along; otherwise, I take control with tools like adblock.

Comment: Re:Something something online sorting (Score 1) 241

by afgun (#45799859) Attached to: Why Don't Open Source Databases Use GPUs?

I've stood in a C-level meeting, and apologized that a critical name brand server failed. Their on-site tech showed up in 2 hours, and told us that the part would take 2 days to get. "BUT THE CONTRACT SAYS 4 HOUR RESPONSE!" Ya.. 4 hours for them to come back with something. Not 4 hours to resolve the problem completely. 4 hours frequently turns into days, or worse on holidays.

Apparently the purchaser didn't understand your support contract then, because the support tech easily made the commitment. How is that the vendor's fault? It's not... it's the fault of the support purchaser for not understanding what they bought. Higher level contracts (with call-to-repair guarantees) are available; if something's THAT critical, then you should have a fully functional spare or even better, a high-availability solution in addition to your maintenance contract, which it appears you didn't. So it was apparently not that critical...

Comment: Delays due to incompetence? (Score 1) 378

by afgun (#45799543) Attached to: Surge In Online Orders Overwhelms UPS Christmas Deliveries
I had a package put on a truck two days in a row (according to their computer anyhow) and it wasn't delivered either time. And this was in Austin, with no snow/ice to deal with. Clearly there was incompetency involved somewhere (e.g. if a package is on a truck and doesn't get delivered the day it was supposed to, why not reverse the route the next day so it can be assured to be delivered early? Oh yeah, because UPS trucks only turn right Sorry, this has left me a little bitter about using UPS for anything. This isn't the first issue I've had with them, either. NEVER had a problem with FedEx.

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