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Comment Re:tough transitions (Score 1) 184

I find it really easy to use virtualenv (sometimes together with zc.buildout) to encapsulate applications and modules. In fact, I tend to cuss when a module that I want to try doesn't offer a way to be easily integrated with virtualenv (such as an egg or at least a subversion checkout with a working package file).

The Internet

Submission + - Wikipedia co-founder starting over

smooth wombat writes: Larry Sanger, co-founder of Wikipedia, will be moving in a new direction starting this week. He will be unveiling Citizendium, a competitor to Wikipedia which he hopes will have far fewer warts than Wikipedia does.

The difference this time is that those who contribute will be required to use their real names and experts in a given field will be asked to verify the facts. From the article:

"If there's going to be a free encyclopedia, I'd like there to be a better free encyclopedia," says Sanger, 38, who has a doctorate in philosophy and speaks slowly, as if cautiously choosing every word. "It has bothered me that I helped to get a project started, Wikipedia, that people are misusing in this way, and yet the project itself has little chance of radically improving."

Comment Re:GPS has been around for a while (Score 1) 565

I don't see any apparent technological difference in the way GPS is used to tell 911 operators your location than a GPS-enabled ankle bracelet tells law enforcement where a criminal is located. Both relay the lat/long of a location to another party without the user doing anything.

Could you explain how it's a "totally different thing"?

Journal Journal: Gmail Invites, Round 1 13

I've got 6 Gmail invites to give out. If you want one, just add a comment to this journal entry with your email address (obfuscated, of course) and say "give me a damn gmail account."

Update: All gone. Wow, I leave that sig for 5 days and it's only when I reply to a first post that I get any takers.

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