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Comment Everything is an art (Score 1) 428

A long time friend of mine used to work as a garbage collector, we used to go fishing a lot on weekends. He summed up your observations with the words "everything we do more than once becomes an art". We decided that the art of fishing is having a good time regardless of what the fish are doing.

Comment Re:Michelson-Morley were wrong. Ether exists (Score 1) 428

Yes MM were measuring the speed of light, they were using the motion of the Earth around the sun to see if it added/subtracted from to the speed of a light beam. They could show that their equipment was sensitive enough to detect a change with direction if there was one, that's why their results were so convincing . MM were testing what Maxwell had predicted, ie: the speed of light is a constant value regardless of relative motion, Maxwell's constant (and it's value) falls out of his equations, it's a physical constant in the same way as the strength of gravity, or the charge of an electron, is a physical constant. Since the speed of light is a physical constant, time and distance must vary in different reference frames, this was the insight that Einstein came up with. To be fair to Newton, he only had two stated assumption in his "Principia", one stated that "time is constant". Everyone just accepted that as fact until Albert took a very fast tram ride.

Comment Re:Cool! (Score 4, Informative) 428

Finding them means we can start developing better instruments. Primordial gravity waves are our best shot at understanding the inflationary epoch and understanding the Big Bang itself. This is one of physic's greatest triumphs.

And, of course, it confirms once again that Einstein remains one of the titans of human thought.

Comment Re:Context (Score 1) 285

Free market people believe in the Invisible Hand, and the Invisible Hand is just another god, and that god also loves oil and hates, indeed wants to kill anyone who dares question making profits off of glorious, clean fossil fuels. The Invisible Hand also demands climatologists be expunged and destroyed as the evil monsters they are, and wants to blot the sun, that evil thing, with clouds of healthy wonderful smog. God bless the Invisible Hand, and let us join together to take every climatologist and throw them off a cliff for their evil of questioning the righteous use of beautiful clean fossil fuels.

Comment Re:Context (Score 2, Funny) 285

Well then, that's the problem. God only wants us to produce energy via fossil fuels. The use of non-CO2 emitting fuels is evil Communist plotting. WE should immediately execute anyone who wants to use any source of energy other than oil, they are subhuman fiends. We should pass a law allowing the good citizens of this God-fearing country to anally rape anyone who dares even think about solar panels. Solar panels are Satan's work, and only the righteous use of oil and coal forever can keep the forces of wickedness at bay.

Oh, and we need to kill every single Climatologist, except Roy Spencer, who should be given a quadrillion dollars and fifty hookers ever day. He is practically Jesus Christ.

Comment Re:Wasn't the C64 just a BASIC interpreter anyways (Score 1) 119

I learned to program primarily on Radio Shack machines (MC-10 and Color Computer, boy that brings back memories). I found the GWBASIC/QBasic interpreters fairly close to the old Tandy/RS variants of Microsoft BASIC. The Commodore interpreter, which was also an MS BASIC variant, still seemed to have some oddities.

The problem with gaming was of course that every microcomputer had its own graphics engine, so it made porting incredibly complex in many cases. Since we're talking about computers that had, at most, 30-odd kb in free RAM, there wasn't much room for graphics abstraction. Commodore's graphics, especially on the C64, with its sprite capabilities, made it very different than the rest of the microcomputers of the time.

But text-based stuff was usually pretty easy, and I remember the adventure writing book, which was pretty cool, and I wrote a few adventure games. It actually taught me a lot about string processing, indexes and counters and the like, so these books did teach some pretty important fundamentals in a way that gave you quick results.

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