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by aeschinesthesocratic (#24909995) Attached to: Sarah Palin's Stance On Technology Issues
You scare me on so many levels. Another restriction on freedom that's absolutely essential for a free society is mandatory education? And without it, the population can fall prey to charismatic demagogues? I guess that's why the Prussians, the Soviets, the Nazis, the Chi-Coms, and the hosts of other nasty totalitarian assholes instituted MANDATORY EDUCATION for the masses... oh wait, they did it instead to control the populace. Plato is VERY clear in his Republic that his "Special Dictatorship" can only exist while mandatory, censored education is the law of the land. Remember, the Founding Fathers didn't need a mandatory education to establish this nation and form the well-thought out laws that govern it. Ever read the Federalist (or anti-federalist, for that matter) Papers in school? Probably not, because they're above a high-school reading level today. And, pray tell, who is going to be doing the auditing of schools, both private and public? You?

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