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Comment: Re:Troubling signal, why? (Score 1) 471

by aeroseth (#40067111) Attached to: Facebook Shares Retreat Below IPO Price

didn't undervalue themselves

16 billion is about $18 per user. that's ridiculous.

That isn't necessarily $18 per user, as some users have multiple accounts. I would like to see the value per IP address, that would be very interesting. The whole thing is more complex then it seems, I mean maybe the real story is do advertisers see individual accounts as unique eyes viewing their ads? Or do they care? Do advertisers want to know how many accounts per IP address there are, does facebook offer that metric? Is high touch the name of the game in facebook advertising, or is it unique views?


+ - VirtualBox now 4.1 ->

Submitted by aeroseth
aeroseth (228594) writes "Enables desktop or laptop computers to run multiple guest operating systems simultaneously

Oracle has unveiled VM VirtualBox 4.1 with a new virtual machine cloning facility, enhanced large system support, improved remote access, and expanded platform and application support.

The application supports several operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS X, Oracle Solaris, Oracle Linux and other popular flavors of Linux.

The new virtual machine cloning facility allows users to create clones from existing VMs or even specific snapshots.

Oracle has also introduced enhanced large system support for hosts and guest virtual machines (VMs) with up to 1TB RAM, as well as scalability for over a thousand VMs on a single host.

The VM can now see and use all monitors as if they were locally connected.

The application delivers host and guest support for the latest Windows, Linux, Oracle Solaris and Mac platforms.

Oracle VM VirtualBox 4.1 also enables administrators to create automated actions for virtual machines that can copy files, perform setup, configuration tasks and more.

Oracle Linux and Virtualisation Engineering senior vice president Wim Coekaerts said with the enhancements that have been introduced in Oracle VM VirtualBox 4.1, customers can benefit from significant usability and flexibility improvements."

Link to Original Source

Comment: I disagree with the disagreement (Score 1) 830

by aeroseth (#33287816) Attached to: Ray Kurzweil Does Not Understand the Brain

If we ask Ray what he means by "brain" we may understand better, the part of the brain that is practical to reverse engineer first is logic, or the neocortex. Assuming that Ray means the whole brain is where I think neuro-scientists are correct in their conclusion as of now 10 years is very optimistic. On the other hand if we only consider the logic center and don't deal with vision centers, speech and hearing centers, motor functions and autonomic systems, then we can probably do it. The key problem is input, the brain is nothing without data input and interaction, and experience.

There is more to the human brain then logic, but at this point raw compute power which is approximately 20 Quads per second and developing subroutines to simulate neuron function is what I think Ray is speaking of, simulating sensory stimulus response may be part of that program. The co-processing centers that pre-process the input to signals the brain as whole understands is another problem, and I don't think this is what Ray is predicting, but I think we need to ask him what he means before we jump all over his statement like we know what he's talking about. The brain is an electrochemical streaming massively parallel biological processor, which seems to be very well suited to pattern recognition and linear logic calculations. The brain not well suited to exponential logic, so neuro-scientists are correct from their frame of reference but wrong in the actual application of their logic because it's linear.

Raw compute power and the interactive subroutines which are repeated over and over in the wet wired world of the brain, simulating the plasticity and electronic logic is probable but the chemical side of things is a whole other issue, this would involve understanding hormonal function and interaction at a level not available today. It would require the understanding of calcium, potassium, sodium and other ion channels and other mineral interaction and function in the brain, and it would require the mapping of the two-way interaction between antagonists and receptors, re-uptake of hormones and their effects on signal processing.

Is what Ray Kurzweil says clear? On the surface yes, but the meaning of what he is saying needs to be explained and not so quickly dismissed.

Comment: Blade Runner, and STNG: A Final Unity (Score 1) 1120

by aeroseth (#28856357) Attached to: Which Game Series Would You Reboot?

Westwood Studios died some years ago but I loved their Blade Runner game, it was way ahead of it's time. I'd like to see the graphics updated to realtime 3D.

Same with Star Trek the Next Generation: A Final Unity. Great game and story, horrible video cut scenes, really clunky UI.

I bet these two games would come out great using Valve's Source engine.


The Great Ethanol Scam 894

Posted by kdawson
from the don't-even-think-about-switch-grass dept.
theodp writes "Over at BusinessWeek, Ed Wallace is creating quite a stir, reporting that not only is ethanol proving to be a dud as a fuel substitute, but there is increasing evidence that it is destroying engines in large numbers. Before lobbyists convince the government to increase the allowable amount of ethanol in fuel to 15%, Wallace suggests it's time to look at ethanol's effect on smog, fuel efficiency, global warming emissions, and food prices. Wallace concedes there will be some winners if the government moves the ethanol mandate to 15% — auto mechanics, for whom he says it will be the dawn of a new golden age."

Civilization, as we know it, will end sometime this evening. See SYSNOTE tomorrow for more information.