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+ - Wikipedia co-founder calls WikiLeaks Irresponsible->

Submitted by
Hugh Pickens
Hugh Pickens writes "Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales says that whistle-blower website WikiLeaks' decision to publish entire contents of classified US military documents was irresponsible and could put innocent lives at risk. "The issue that I have with WikiLeaks is they have a tendency to just want to publish absolutely everything, and I think that can be very, very dangerous," says Wales. "I don't think Julian Assange wants those people killed. However, if he irresponsibly follows the policy of releasing absolutely everything, it is incredibly dangerous for those people." Wales adds that WikiLeaks got famous in the first place by using the word "wiki," which he says is unfortunate. "I wish they wouldn't use the name. They are not a wiki.""
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The Internet

+ - Facebook has issues, goes down for some users->

Submitted by mbone
mbone (558574) writes "Apparently Facebook is having issues, and is intermittently and maybe regionally down. The Wall Street Journal DIgits blogs says that they are having “an issue with a third-party network provider." but it may be more than that. From Northern Virginia, it is possible to pingFacebook servers, but the server throws a "500 Internal Server Error" if you try and conect via http."
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+ - Which Eclipse Plug-Ins Do You Use?->

Submitted by anomalous cohort
anomalous cohort (704239) writes "I'm sure that the /. devs already know about the Eclipse IDE which is most noted for its rich variety of plug-ins but which plug-ins are the best? The Eclipse Marketplace currently lists 887 tools. I assure you that any instance of Eclipse with all of those plug-ins installed would take a very long time to load. So, my question to those coders who use Eclipse is this. What is your short list of "must have" plug-ins?"
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Slackware 13.1 Released 155

Posted by kdawson
from the taking-up-the-slack dept.
Several readers made sure we are aware that Slackware 13.1 release is out. Here's the list of mirrors. "Slackware 13.1 brings many updates and enhancements, among which you'll find two of the most advanced desktop environments available today: Xfce 4.6.1, a fast and lightweight but visually appealing and easy-to-use desktop environment, and KDE 4.4.3, a recent stable release of the new 4.4.x series of the award-winning KDE desktop environment."

+ - T-Mobile Sidekick users lose all personal data-> 1

Submitted by SeaDuck79
SeaDuck79 (851025) writes "Owners of Sidekick phones may have lost all the personal information they put on the device, including contact numbers, because of a failure of servers that remotely stored the data.

The incident is a huge blow to the reputation of the Sidekick and is a reminder of the dangers of trusting a single provider to safeguard information.

The phones are made by a Microsoft Corp. subsidiary and sold by T-Mobile USA, which say many Sidekick owners' information is "almost certainly" gone. T-Mobile is offering customers $20 to refund the cost of one month of data usage on the phone."

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+ - UT's Krakken: First Academic To Break Petascale->

Submitted by tetrahedrassface
tetrahedrassface (675645) writes "The University of Tennessee has officially become the first academic institution to break the petascale with their supercomputer named 'Krakken'. The machine, which can manage 1 thousand trillion operations per second is only the fourth supercomputer to achieve this goal, and is the first machine in the academic world to do so. As per I call I made the machine runs a heavily modified linux, and has created 25 full time jobs and helped place UT in the center of 'big science'. Krakken was made possible by a $65 million dollar grant from the National Science Foundation."
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+ - Intel caught cheating in 3DMark benchmark-> 3

Submitted by EconolineCrush
EconolineCrush (659729) writes "3DMark Vantage developer Futuremark has clear guidelines for what sort of driver optimizations are permitted with its graphics benchmark. Intel's current Windows 7 drivers appear to be in direct violation, offloading the graphics workload onto the CPU to artificially inflate scores for the company's integrated graphics chipsets. The Tech Report lays out the evidence, along with Intel's response, and illustrates that 3DMark scores don't necessarily track with game performance, anyway."
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+ - Apple vs. Microsoft: Top 20 Stolen OS Ideas-> 2

Submitted by
snydeq writes "InfoWorld's John Rizzo chronicles the 20 most significant ideas and features Microsoft and Apple have stolen from each other in the lead up to Windows 7 and Mac OS X Snow Leopard. 'Some features were stolen so long ago that they've become part of the computing landscape, and it's difficult to remember who invented what.' Windows 7's Task Bar and Aero Peek come to mind as clear appropriations of Mac OS X's Dock and Exposé. Apple's cloning of the Windows address bar in 2007's Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard as the path bar is another obvious 'inspiration.' But the borrowing goes deeper, Rizzo writes, providing a screenshot tour of Microsoft's biggest grabs from Mac OS X and Apple's most significant appropriations of Windows OS ideas and functionality."
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Desktops (Apple)

+ - Running a small Mac Home Network

Submitted by
NotesSensei writes "My family is a happy Mac user. Only lately constant bickering is breaking out about time slots for usage. So I decided to add two more Macs to the home network. Ideally I want to set them up, so regardless of which machine a family member is using they get their environment. Also I'd like to have passwords synchronized across the machines. I have a NAS for storage, but would like to know how to keep desktops and passwords (including the keychains) in sync."
Red Hat Software

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.4 Released 110

Posted by timothy
from the progress-continues dept.
An anonymous reader writes "The fourth update in the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 family is released. From the press release — this version includes kernel-based virtual machine (KVM) virtualization, alongside of Xen virtualization technology. The scalability of the Red Hat virtualization solution has been incremented to support 192 CPUs and 1GB hugepages. Other updates including GCC 4.4 and a new malloc(), clustered, high-availability filesystem to support Microsoft Windows storage needs on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. This article covers the upgrade procedure for RHEL 5.4 from the previous version."

+ - Michael Jackson Dies at age 50->

Submitted by
CZARDOMN writes "Stories are coming into play as the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, has passed at 50 yrs of age. We remember him as someone who has semi-awesome dance moves, The Thriller Master. But he did live a hard life of criticism. He is survived by his three kids.If you would like the details of this, Click the URL:"
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Broke Counties Turn Failing Roads To Gravel 717

Posted by samzenpus
from the let-civilization-collapse-initiative dept.
To save money, more than 20 Michigan counties have decided to turn deteriorating paved roads back to gravel. Montcalm County estimates that repaving a road costs more than $100,000 a mile. Grinding the same mile of road up and turning it into gravel costs $10,000. At least 50 miles of road have been reverted to gravel in Michigan the past three years. I can't wait until we revert back to whale oil lighting and can finally be rid of this electricity fad.

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