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Comment not convenient... (Score 1) 654

OK, I have the luxury of having a bus service that during peak time runs past a stop only 300 metres away from my flat, BUT... it goes all the way into the city to the center where I have to walk 300 yards to catch the next bus out going past where I work... that runs every ten minutes as well so I paek time there is a maximum ten minute wait in the middle... unfortunately, with all the windy route and stops, it takes some 40 minutes (on bad days) getting to the center and the outgoing one takes some 40 minutes (again on bad days) getting to the stop closest to work... (that's as long as 90 minutes!!!) and it costs me some £5.00 a day for the privilege..

Car takes me some 15 minutes on good days when all lights go green, there's naff all other traffic and there's no crashes, road-works etc., takes 45 minutes on bad days and I'm able to use the many back roads I know...

cycling ALWAYS takes 35 minutes whatever the traffic...

Comment Re:abstracting electricity? (Score 2) 674

the problem here is that you HAVE to do a spell as a PCSO before you can apply to become a real Policeman... this one was especially jumped up and keen and had probably read the charge book and remembered the abstraction of electricity charge and decided to try and get a 'gold star'...

Comment Re:Nevermind the bollocks, here's David Cameron (Score 0) 260

they 'gave' us a referendum on switching to Alternative Voting as a sop to the Lib Dems, but they managed to make the explanation of the system and the question on the referendum so confusing that most people stuck with the status quo which is what the tories were backing... while Labour actually wanted PR

Comment Re:Where are the round-abouts (Score 1) 203

throughput may go up, but t1) there is a limit to that and pretty soon you find yourself putting traffic lights all over the roundabout just so each entrance gets it's fair share... also pedestrians hate roundabouts as cars tend to come off them at high speeds if they've been designed for throughput... to cater for pedestrians means putting in things like double stage Toucan crossings which mean pedestrians can be faced with waiting for well over 4 minutes total just to cross two arms... Crap like this with traffic lights all over it plus double stage crossings

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