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+ - Livejournal extends censorship to linked content->

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An anonymous reader writes "Many of you might remember the previous story about Livejournal erroneously deleting hundreds of users as suspected paedophiles, spurred on by pressure from right-wing group Warriors for innocence. Since then, they've been taking action against users hosting material on their servers that they believe to be illegal. Today, Livejournal management have demonstrated a serious lack of understanding in how the internet works, declaring that users are responsible for the content of the webpages that they link to in their blog entries. A user points out the obvious flaw; "I get ToS'd because the link's been redirected to a page full o' porn, even though context clearly shows that when I originally put up the link that it didn't actually land on a page of porn?". One wonders how such a long-established blogging company be so ignorant about the nature of the world wide web?"
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+ - Space Pirates: Terrorists Hack Satellite

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SorryTomato (944650) writes "The Tamil Tigers Liberation Front a separatist group in Sri Lanka, which has been classified as a terrorist group in 32 countries has moved up from routine sea piracy to space based one. The have been accused of illegally using Intelsat corps satellites to beam radio and television broadcasts internationally. Intelsat says that they will end the transmissions "within days". Intelsat who have been accused of having business links with Hezbollah before claim that they are blameless this time and LTTE was using an empty transponder."

New Solar Panel Design Traps More Light 334

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GoSun wrote in with an article about new solar panels that opens, "Sunlight has never really caught fire as a power source, mostly because generating electricity with solar cells is more expensive and less efficient than some conventional sources. But a new solar panel unveiled this month by the Georgia Tech Research Institute hopes to brighten the future of the energy source." The new panels are able to produce sixty times the current of traditional models.

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