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Comment Re:Never seen so many allergies in people (Score 1) 79

This is quite humorous! Americans eat raw meat.

Yes, but only beef. Never pork, lamb, goat, horse or any other meats. Certainly not poultry, as the US seems to be able to keep salmonella out of their poultry production. (Which is why Spaghetti Carbonara is almost never made with raw eggs in the US, and don't get me started on the atrocity called egg nogg over here),
And most Americans would never venture past beef, pork, chicken and turkey anyhow. Sometimes fish, if it's breaded thickly enough, fried, and with enough lemon on it that you couldn't tell it from tofu.

Comment Re:Never seen so many allergies in people (Score 1) 79

It's more than that. It's not just food hysteria, there are people who do get incredibly sick from certain foods. Peanut allergies, anyone? These people don't imagine swelling up and clogging their wind pipes.

Until recently, this kind of sickness was unheard of in Europe. There was no such thing as a peanut allergy. Now we got that, too.

We get sicker and sicker. And I wonder why. What is it that lets our bodies go apeshit over food?

Comment Re:The problem is user error. (Score 1) 342

The problem isn't that the GPS is wrong, the problem is that the user is in error. In the Iceland case, the driver made a typo and wound up going to a similarly-named road 250 miles away. Had he entered the correct street name, he would likely have made it to his destination without a problem. I'm guessing the Belgium-Croatia case is similar.

The nav system can be in error if there has been recent construction. We tried to route in a rental car in San Diego to a restaurant and it got us looping infinitely in a little area where new roads had been lain but nonew buildings.

Comment No... (Score 1) 342

These are examples of really really dumb people not paying attention. if your GPS says, "drive 250 miles" to the hotel near your airport, and you blindly do it... you are an idiot.

Drive 2 days away... again, idiot level.

The problem is that all technology requires the user to have a modicum of intelligence. The examples in the story are of people that should not be allowed to drive a car let alone use a GPS.

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