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Comment: Re:So called "3D" movies are not 3D (Score 1) 125

by (#46830861) Attached to: Lytro Illum Light-Field Camera Lets You Refocus Pictures Later

I'd like to stress the differences between my real 3D (a) and your fake 3D (b).

1) Looking at 3D(a) scene, a spectator can focus his eyes on whatever point he wants, whereas the 3D(b) scene offers only one focus plan, which leads to problems and this is the whole point of my previous post and its parent post.

2) Fixed and non fixed perspective exists for both 3D(a) and 3D(b), so I don't get your argument here.
Fixed for 3D(a) is achieved by not being able to move relatively to the displayed scene (just sit there), and non fixed for 3D(b) is available with headset,walking pad, and CGI.

3) A simple test that I recommend to you: experiment real 3D(a) with only one eye and fixed perspective !
If you don't have a real 3D display in your lab, use the real world instead: Close one eye, look at the horizon through the window, don't move, then watch a dust on the glass (your eye just changes focus). You won't see the same thing, will you? Try this with your fake 3D(b): not possible.

4) Your equation 2D+depth=3D is only valid when depth isn't only a limited feeling of depth, as provided by stereoscopic pictures.
Again this limitation that I stress is the point of my previous post and its parent.

5) Startrek holograms, or today's lab real 3D displays, are not stereoscopy, even with a very pedantic sense. Why? See previous points 1,3,4.

I hope those differences will enlight you and demonstrate the vast superiority of real 3D display (that I call 3D for short) and your fake 3D (the stereoscopic effect).

Let's face it: so called 3D movies today are a marketing scam, and I wonder:

How will they call the real 3D display when it gets out of labs to be in mass products?
Even "real 3D" is already used by the stereoscopic movies... So?

Comment: So called "3D" movies are not 3D (Score 1) 125

by (#46821261) Attached to: Lytro Illum Light-Field Camera Lets You Refocus Pictures Later

May I remind you all that the so called 3D movies are not 3D but only stereoscopic movies.

You only have the depth perception, but you won't turn around the scene as you would be able to do with a 3D volume display.

There isn't any issue of focus with a real 3D movie (volume display), since the spectator focuses his eyes on the part of the scene he watches.

Of course I agree with the focus issues that the stereoscopic movies have.

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Journal: Thrifty system for volume billed Internet. -HELP 1

Journal by

1) The problem:
At countryside, no ADSL, mobile 3G reachable.
No budget for unlimited plan, stay under a few bucks per month for mobile Internet.
No mobility needed.
Low volume Internet need: text emails on gmail, occasional web site visits.

2) The solution:
3G key + external antenna + PC
Prepaid 3G mobile plan, billed on the volume of data downloaded, only 3.4€ / month at least.

Comment: Re:Romani =! homeless of the streets (Score 0) 320

Even if you're honest, almost everybody will treat you like a criminal. Sooner or later, there is no choice but to prove them right or starve.

Actually you also confirm that they are criminals ? I find it quite ironic, but I understand what you mean: not inherently criminals but turned into because of the rest of the world.

However your rationale does not explain what I have experienced from them.

Also, their kids have pretty much a hard time in school due to bullying, they really need to hang on, but they can achieve a decent scholarship if they really want to and get out of their slum. And become a lawyer! I know one, she succeeded (and no longer looks like one of them).

And again: this is off topic, I won't go further in this discussion.

Comment: Romani =! homeless of the streets (Score 1) 320

I will not comment on your rant about Romani, everyone in Europe may have his own experience regarding those people, and I do as well.

However, mentioning this group seems a bit off-topic, since there are not homeless living in the street:
They always quickly setup their slum camp in any 'free' area they can find.
Those are not great homes, but a two years old slum camp will have upgraded the garbage tents into small homes with heating, electricity and TV Sat.

Comment: Re:These are griefers, not trolls. Trolling is fun (Score 1) 116

If somebody is truly upset, however, I would not, could not, continue to deride them. So that's where the fine line may be drawn.

Oh dear... then you missed the utter ecstatic joy of viciously trolling a moderator until he quit his job, while pissing off the whole community who praise him as one of the best ever.

Err... wait... did I misssed the anonymous toggle ?

Comment: HFT = a cost to society (Score 4, Informative) 342

by (#46683575) Attached to: Australia May 'Pause' Trades To Tackle High-Frequency Trading

What really annoy me with HFT, besides not being "fair", it that it as a cost and that the society doesn't benefit from it.

Building a stock exchange with top-notch computers if fine, since there is a need fulfilled here for our society.

But building new warehouses as close as possible to stock exchange computers to house top speed fiber connected computers, just to lower the delays from 600ms down to 10ms or so, to allow HFT, is a waste of resources.
No one needs that, it's just a smart way to build a sucking vampire over information systems. And this cost is always somehow reflected to society.

One big bank of my country paid a lot to move all its crucial infrastructure abroad, in such new buildings, to be able to compete in HFT.
Who's paying for those efforts? The company, the bank, instead of doing something more useful to society (investments to improve their services, etc).

Comment: Re:Proxy encampment and pre-lane spools (Score 1) 273

by (#46668131) Attached to: Algorithm Challenge: Burning Man Vehicle Exodus

The main question I had upon reading this, is whether there is space for the buffer parks.

You may have a look to aerial views of the event: there is plenty of space in the desert. However I don't know if they are limited by law or regulations.

This idea is indeed a mitigation, you perfectly understood my point.

Comment: Short story: See to what Linus responds (Score 5, Informative) 641

by (#46661671) Attached to: Linus Torvalds Suspends Key Linux Developer

The message to which Linus responds is also interesting:

Short story:

The systemd guy uses the debug keyword on kernel command line to spool a huge log - which can hang the boot process, and that is the problem.
Then the same guy claims that the debug keyword is generic so it can't be reserved by the kernel, even if it's been used first by it since a long time...

I can say that Linus is right there, for sure. He's maybe too kind...

Comment: Proxy encampment and pre-lane spools (Score 1) 273

by (#46661443) Attached to: Algorithm Challenge: Burning Man Vehicle Exodus

I think I have a better idea, since the problem is to wait in the queue for hours:

- Just one lane, with a known 1000 vehicles/hour limit.

- Have 3 or 4 "small" buffer parks (500 vehicles each) to wait with better conditions than in the main waiting line.

- Note: each vehicle in a proxy encampment has left its own main camp, so everything is packed, done, the driver has the key, etc.

- Every 30 mn, give the go for the next batch, so they start queueing, if someone stays the park (lost key or driver somewhere else), he will be soon surrounded by the new vehicle pool and will have to wait for the next round.

This way we have :

- one short main waiting line on exit

- 3 or 4 small dedicated parks next to main exit (worth 2 hours of line feed), people ready, waiting in better conditions than in lane. They know precisely when they will be going in the main line.

- the main camp, people getting ready, waiting for a proxy park to be freed.

If some people are willing to queue for more than the total pool time, let them fill a new proxy park and wait there.

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