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Comment Re:The message in question: (Score 2) 572

"And for people who want to read through log files without having to become regex experts." ??? So people who just scan the entire text file and do a search in their viewer program could only do so with systemd? And here's me thinking that even vi allows a simple search on /var/log/message ...

So I don't want to manually search a text file and your answer is that I should use another tool to manually search a text file? An editor no less reading a continuously changing file?

Seriously someone who doesn't know how to use tail -F or cat and grep should NOT be admining a Unix based system.

Submission + - First of 2 Australian NBN Satellites launched Successfully (

aduxorth writes: Sky Muster, the first of the two satellites that will comprise Australia's NBN's Long-Term Satellite Service, has been successfully launched from Guiana Space Centre in South America. The two geostationary satellites will offer a total capacity of 135 gigabits per second, with 25/5Mbps wholesale speeds available to end users. The second satellite is expected to launch next year. Testing of this satellite will start soon and will continue until services are launched early next year.

Comment A combination (Score 1) 467

I've been looking after PC's for clients for 20 odd years, I've seen lots of different AV's and malware software, and for the last 4 or 5 years using a combination has worked fine.
Avast for the antivirus (free is fine) and malwarebytes for the malware protection. Running both has reduced the amount of call backs for fixing up machines due to nasties dramatically.
Keep in mind they are different products covering a different scope of nasties.

Comment Re:It's official ... (Score 1) 68

It makes me wonder why more router manufacturers don't use Linux or BSD derivatives for their firmware instead of writing garbage in-house

But that's the Thing.
They are running a Linux kernel, but stuffing around with how the system boots, what services are running on it (using their dodgy apps) and their incorrectly setup firewall rules.

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