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Comment Just stop "Bridget at Cardholder services" (Score 1) 108

I get that call EVERY DAY on my cell phone, trying to offer me lower rates on my credit card(s). I've been getting the call every day for the last 2 years. I've tried just about everything. For an entire month I pressed 1 to talk to a representative and pretended to be interested to work my way up the chain, so that I could waste their time. I hoped that would get them to take me off the list. Didn't work. I have tried ignoring the calls, that doesn't work either. I have threatened them with everything from legal action to bodily harm. That doesn't work either. If I knew where their offices were, I'd go burn the place down.

Comment I only used it because.... (Score 1) 528

I only use it for 2 reasons. One is because the ads have become so intrusive and annoying. No longer is it good enough to put a banner ad on the page. But now it has to take over my entire browser window and run 100 scripts that slow my browsing experience down (especially since I use older computers) but they also can't seen to get control of the malware issue. Again, if they wouldn't allow all of the scripts then malware wouldn't even be an issue.

Comment I get a call EVERY DAY from cardmember services... (Score 1) 215

I get a call every single day on my cell phone from a robocall company called "Cardholder services" and sometimes they go by "cardmember services" and they refuse to stop calling me. They've been calling me every day for almost 2 years now with a pitch to lower my credit card interest rates. I have threatened them with everything from bodily harm to legal action. Nothing seems to help. They just call me back the next day and the cycle repeats. I guess they figure if they didn't get my business the first 600 times they called, maybe if they just call me 601 times, that will do the trick.

Dang.. I should be in for some BIG settlement from these guys if Time Warner had to pay up...

Comment Engine noise is a thing of the past. (Score 3, Insightful) 823

This sort of reminds me of when Motorola was putting fake antennas on their cellular phones (with the real antenna inside) because they thought people wouldn't buy the phone if it didn't have a visible antenna. But eventually, society learned that an visible antenna was not necessary and we moved on. I suspect in another 20 years most cars will be a lot more quiet as a result of hybrid and electric drivetrains. I've been driving an EV now for 3 years and now that I've grown accustomed to the silence, hearing any engine noise at all sounds so yesterday, so obsolete.

Comment If they are automating tech support, then good. (Score 4, Insightful) 236

If those are tech support jobs, then they might as well automate them. The best I can tell those workers they hire over there have essentially no skills in the products they are supporting. They basically just read what the computer screen tells them to say or ask. As a customer, I'd honestly rather be talking to a machine as it would give me the same answers but might actually be at little easier to understand.

Computers can figure out all kinds of problems, except the things in the world that just don't add up.