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+ - European Court of Human Rights finds against copyright law-> 1

Submitted by admiral snackbar
admiral snackbar (2559943) writes "The European Court of Human Rights has declared that the copyright monopoly stands in direct conflict with fundamental Human Rights, as defined in the European Union and elsewhere. This means that as of today, nobody sharing culture in the EU may be convicted just for breaking the copyright monopoly law; the bar for convicting was raised considerably."
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+ - Deloitte: Use a longer password in 2013. Seriously.-> 1

Submitted by clustro
clustro (1811836) writes "Deloitte predicts that eight character passwords will become insecure in 2013. Humans have trouble remembering passwords with more than 7 characters, and it is difficult to enter long, complex passwords into mobile devices. Users have not adapted to increased computing power available to crackers, and continue to use bad practices such as using common and short passwords, and re-using passwords across multiple websites. A recent study showed that using the 10000 most common passwords would have cracked >98% of 6 million user accounts. All of these problems have the potential for a huge security hazard. Password vaults are likely to become more widely used out of necessity. Multifactor authentication strategies, such as phone texts, iris scans, and dongles, are also likely to become more widespread, especially by banks."
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Comment: Re:Well, of course. (Score 5, Insightful) 159

by admiral snackbar (#42818605) Attached to: UK Court: MPAA Not Entitled To Profits From Piracy
I disagree. I am very sure that whenever the MPAA wins a lawsuit (and unfortunately that happens too), they will publish the result in order to inform/intimidate the public as to the validity of their claims. If the times when the MPAA loses are not published, people might get the perception that the MPAA always wins. Which would be bad.

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