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Inside View of Epic, Preparing Gears of War 2 106

Subm writes "Lamborghinis, motion-capture rooms, secret new weapons — these are a few things included in the profile of Epic Games and its Design Director, Cliff Bleszinski. 'A Microsoft employee who works closely with Epic described the company as having a "band dynamic." Staff turnover is low, and many of Epic's most senior employees have been friends for more than a decade. This does not seem a very long time until one sits in on an Epic meeting and realizes that anyone over the age of thirty-five achieves the temporal stature of Methuselah. Epic's recent growth is regarded with wary gratitude by many of its employees, though some miss the old days, when, as Sweeney put it, "we were just a bunch of kids who had some cool ideas and were doing neat things."'"

Comment Re:not just their pollutants (Score 1) 455

I'm kind of annoyed by all these stories that say countries like India and China are producing ever more pollution, and that they need to cut back on their usage of fossil fuels, etc. etc. However, I'm pretty sure that the pollution produced per person in the U.S. is far greater than that of India and China. Anyone got any statistics on this?

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