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Comment: examples-terraforming responses to global warming? (Score 1) 496

by adjoas (#16796476) Attached to: A Sunshade In Space To Combat Global Warming
this got me wondering: are there other examples of very-large-scale efforts to reverse or slow climage change? some off the top of my head:

* seeding the ocean with iron filings to stiumlate growth of CO2-converting algae.
* floating reflective matts on the north pole, should the ice cap wholly melt.
* atmospheric processors, a la Kim Stanley Robinson's Red Mars
* scattering ash on the ice caps (to the opposite end), back in the 1970s when worries were about globalm cooling.

ps - please hold off the climage change opinions. there's so much of that already here. just curious about how far this thinking has gone.

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