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Comment: I can only assume gnome3 (Score 1) 157 157

by adharma (#41187493) Attached to: GNOMEbuntu Set To Arrive In October
That's still a no-go for me. Nothing has hit me as better than Gnome2 with DivergenceIV Empire Strikes Back. I'm real hopeful for Mate/Cinnamon again with DivergenceIV.... I'll probably install Mint on my next Laptop next year and just go through the grind of learning how to customize it. Though, I may decide to become an adult and simply use Arch.

+ - Lost Hour Long Jobs Interview Found->

Submitted by adharma
adharma writes: According to Robert Cringely, in 1995 he was granted an hour long interview with Steve Jobs at NeXT headquarters for Triumph of the Nerds and promptly lost. Two weeks ago, a 'PAL-VHS, dubbed on professional equipment from a D1 master' copy of the interview was found and is in the process of being restored.
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Comment: Kidsruby loves RaspberryPi !!! (Score 1) 144 144

by adharma (#37464552) Attached to: Arduino Goes ARM
We at http://kidsruby.com/ have gotten Ruby running on one of these. We showcased our work at this past http://gogaruco.com/ vid here: http://confreaks.net/videos/637-gogaruco2011-kidsruby-think-of-the-children These are extremely lightweight in terms of processing, but we got both debian and archlinux up and running after just a bit of work. We have further optimizations planned and are very excited to be working with the RaspberryPi team.

+ - Agents learning to talk to each other

Submitted by
bbc writes: "When programs talk to each other, they need to share a common language before they can initiate the conversation. PhD student Jurriaan van Diggelen developed a system called Anemone that will let agents learn each other's languages during the conversation. The problems that he foresees for such a system are words that an agent doesn't understand, and concepts that an agent doesn't understand.

Van Diggelen will defend his thesis called Achieving Semantic Interoperability in Multi-Agent Systems on March 21 in Utrecht."

Internet Radio In Danger of Extinction in United States 229 229

Posted by Zonk
from the not-my-streaming-soundtracks-noooo dept.
An anonymous reader passed us a link to a Forbes article discussing dire news for fans of Internet radio. Yesterday afternoon saw online broadcasters, everyone from giants like Clear Channel and National Public Radio to small-fry internet concerns, arguing their case before the Copyright Royalty Board (CRB). The CRB's March 2nd decision to increase the fees associated with online music broadcasting will have harsh repercussions for those who engage in the activity, the panel was told. "Under a previous arrangement, which expired at the end of 2005, broadcasters and online companies such as Yahoo Inc. and Time Warner Inc.'s AOL unit could pay royalties based on estimates of how many songs were played over a given period of time, or a 'tuning hour,' as opposed to counting every single song ... [They] also asked the judges to clarify a $500 annual fee per broadcasting channel, saying that with some online companies offering many thousands of listening options, counting each one as a separate channel could lead to huge fees for online broadcasters." There was also a previous provision for smaller companies that allowed them to pay less, something the March 2 decision did away with; in the view of the royalty holders, advertising more than pays for these fees, and they're ready for higher payments.
The Almighty Buck

+ - The 32 billion dollar keystroke

Submitted by Quantumghost
Quantumghost writes: From the article: Perhaps you know that sinking feeling when a single keystroke accidentally destroy hours of work. Now imagine wiping out a disc drive containing an account worth $38 billion. That may be how a computer technician at the Alaska Department of Revenue feels after deleting applicant information for an oil-funded sales account one of state residents' biggest perks.

http://www.usatoday.com/news/nation/2007-03-20-ala ska-fund_N.htm?csp=24 I hate when that happens

+ - Phone Companies Blocking Numbers

Submitted by ePhil_One
ePhil_One writes: The major phone companies; Cingular/AT&T, Sprint, and Qwest; have begun blocking access to a free conferencing service. The service is FreeConference.com and their FAQ has details (Read #4, "I received an email recently concerning number blocking by some major phone carriers. Is this a legitimate issue from your company?"). This seems to be a pretty egregious offense. Now, I'm not beyond seeing this as a publicity stunt (I've used them often and have AT&T as my Long Distance carrier without incident), and I have seen no replies posted from any of the cariers either way. But its a potentially important issue that should get out there as soon as possible if true, and if not the "dot com" needs to see this stunt backfire in a very loud way.

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