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Comment: Really? A Paper for this? Saw it in 2000 (Score 1) 258

Some company was doing this in the Bay area in 2000.
Hotplug is expensive. Cases are expensive. Making room for human access is expensive.
Design for nothing but airflow and drive density, keeping pieces as absolutely cheap as possible. Gigabit instead of 10G.
At exabyte scale, why do you care about the loss of 4TB? Using Super Micro boxes w/4TB Drives, you can have over 6 petabytes of raw storage in a 72u rack / cabinet

Metadata servers keep track of where the copies of blocks are.
Put copies of the blocks on completely disparate systems. If there is heavy read usage of a block, make more copies.
Head servers scale and have some beef to them. They are all about getting info from the commodity stuff and packaging it for (subscribers, clients, whatever).

If a drive dies or has issues - mark it bad and leave it at that. Ignore it.
If a server dies, mark it as bad. Leave it.
In 4 years you are forklifting the equipment and replacing it with new storage.

There is no "RAID", other than there are multiple copies of blocks throughout the system.

I met with a company in the bay area doing this in 2000 (I don't remember which one). It was dealing with Filesystems and not block, but with NFS, VMDKs, VHD, etc, who cares. I don't see anything new here at all.

Comment: Where is the "Apple iPhone sized"? (Score 5, Funny) 258

by addikt10 (#48217037) Attached to: Preferred smartphone screen size?

I mean, isn't that the gold standard to indicate the best phone size?

Until the iPhone 5 came out, under 4 inches was the most that was comfortable to operate one handed
After the 5 came out, 4 was OK, but anything bigger than that was a phablet.

Now, of course, 4.7 inches is just right, but if you want a REALLY HUGE phone, then try out 5.5 inches.

Full disclaimer : I use an iPhone 6+

Comment: Site for illegal activities, just load this... (Score 5, Funny) 251

So let me get this straight:
There is this site. A site designed for illegal activities...
And all I need to do is load their software onto my computer? Gosh, where do I sign up.

I mean, I always trust software from shady characters. That sounds totally safe.

Comment: Can't recreate issue (Score 2) 266

by addikt10 (#42856275) Attached to: iOS 6.1 Leads To Battery Life Drain, Overheating For iPhone Users

I've tried to recreate the issue, and so far I can't.
iPhone 5 iOS 6.1, Exchange 2010
I created an appointment - no abnormal increase in logs
I invited someone internal - no abnormal increase in logs
I was invited from an internal account, rejected one, accepted another - no abnormal increase in logs
I was invited from an external account, rejected one, accepted another, also declined after accepting - no abnormal increase in logs

For each of these, there was the expected 20 or so packets associated with the changes, and no ongoing network traffic.

On the other hand, we had a client that had the runaway log issue last week - I'll be following up with him to find the iOS versions involved

Comment: No electronics rule (Score 1) 445

by addikt10 (#38923869) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Are Daily Stand-Up Meetings More Productive?

No two-way pagers (how I started), no phones, no laptops.
Come in, complete your agenda, manage the meeting so if participants need to cover something in detail, go off and do it and give a quick report at the next meeting, or send it to the project manager to distribute to the group.
If you are to busy to focus, then don't attend.

Comment: Re:Virtualize (Score 4, Informative) 142

by addikt10 (#37777396) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Computer Test Lab Set-Up For Home?

I agree with Virtualization (really, it is a must for any lab).
If your budget is low, crank up the specs on your desktop machine, and use VMWare Workstation (or some such).

If you budget is a bit higher, get that machine and dedicate it with Xen Server or vSphere (or whatever)

Higher yet? Get a couple of boxes, and an iSCSI solution so that you can support clusters (iSCSI is much cheaper than fibrechannel, and you can do windows clustering as well as your virtualization platform clustering.)

You want brands? I did it with generic computing hardware (24GB core i7 boxes) and a Thecus iSCSI solution (because I didn't want to take the time to build the iSCSI myself). WD RE4 drives. Get funky with quad-port Intel NICS and a linksys switch that supports VLANS.
Make sure to get a Microsoft TechNet subscription if you are working with Microsoft platforms.
Have fun.

Gonna grow it? Start with VMware Workstation. The VMs you create can migrate to dedicated virtualization platforms as you move up in expenditures.

Comment: What phones get vendor updates after three years? (Score 4, Interesting) 257

by addikt10 (#35459510) Attached to: Apple vs. Microsoft: a Tale of Two Mobile Updates

Which phones out there get vendor supplied updates after 3 years? Certainly not any that I've ever owned.

My company got me a Droid Eris (I had no choice). 6 months later, no update to Android 2.2. (Maybe 8. Whatever)

I'm not sure why Apple is getting dinged for not supporting a 3 year old phone. No one that I know of supports 3 year old phones.

Comment: If they don't understand science, why should you? (Score 1) 395

by addikt10 (#35181378) Attached to: Science Programs Hit Hard By Proposed Budget

You look at the bills, you look at laws, you look at the decisions.

It is obvious that most of congress has very little to no understanding of science

If they think that scientific theory and hypotheses are just guesses, why should they fund it?

Especially the ones that believe that evolution doesn't exist and that intelligent design is either science or the equivalent of science.

Comment: Want 4G? Live in an urban area (Score 1) 324

by addikt10 (#35176616) Attached to: Obama's Goal: 98% of US Covered By 4G

Look, there are lots of benefits of scale to living in an urban area.

There are also lots of benefits to living in a rural area

These benefits are not the same. If you want benefits like infrastructure, live where infrastructure makes sense.

If you want to live in the middle of nowhere, all by yourself, enjoy your dialup and/or satellite connection.

Live free or die.