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Comment Re:Surprised? (Score 1) 31

In fairness, with enough resources, Vista didn't suck nearly as bad as people said it did .. I ran it on a quad core machine with 8GB of RAM until a year ago, and it was just fine.

But Microsoft has gone from "Vista sucks and Windows 8 was kind of annoying" to "actively not trustworthy" in this -- this is saying "we don't give a crap about what you are willing to let us do, we're going to do it anyway".

Sorry, but, no way this is anything but Microsoft deciding they'll get your data no matter your opinion.

Comment Surprised? (Score 2) 31

Is anybody surprised by this?

Microsoft has pretty clearly telegraphed they don't give a shit about what the people who own the machines want, and they're going to do whatever the fuck they want.

That Microsoft is doing this is surprising in no way to me.

Microsoft simply can't be trusted to not just do what they please here.

Comment Re:Essentially a dupe from 3 months ago (Score 1) 114

The test equipment wasn't designed to test for mis-wirings like this. Most equipment will fail if you plug in something like this, although the USB cable wasn't that bad, it merely had the power line connected to the wrong pin.

His equipment was a laptop and a dongle designed to sniff the USB port for protocol problems. It wasn't expecting something this bad.

Comment Re:No transit costs. (Score 1) 60

Because they will use their monopoly in the local areas to make it prohibitively expensive for anyone else to compete against them. They've already been caught throttling other providers and not themselves, again trying to push customers to their service by adding additional pains and costs to other services.

They'll make it very expensive to use Netflix, far more than is in any way justifiable, in order to drive you towards their own over priced services.

They don't get the privilege of doing so because the government granted them the monopoly. For fucks sake they didn't even pay to build out their own god damn networks, we got charged and taxed extra on our bills for fucking years for that shit.

Pull your head out of your ass, its not their network its fucking ours. Its our money that paid for it via government taxes and fees. Its our land that their lines lay in and travel over. Verizon/TWC/Comcast and the other major providers should just be dissolved and the networks become public utility. Even the fucking government wouldn't make it worse for us in this case.

Comment Re:Let vs Lets (Score 0) 98

Hello dumbass, British sites do not use American English and the opposite does not happen either. You don't like it, go make your own Slashdot instead of endlessly bitching and moaning about what the Americans have done. So the world doesn't revolve around America. Go! Go! Let us know when you're finished!

Comment Re:Not a bad deal, really. (Score 1) 104

take the look to independently investigate the research that has been done in this area. There is a lot of bullshit, but there is also work that has never been refuted—work whose significance level is such that it is above and beyond anything except it is adequate in any other area

Please link to this, I am not aware of such research.

Comment Re:How is this newsworthy? (Score 1) 282

So you think that just because you decided to kill them, they didn't have the right to live? That's really your take on things?

If you initiate violence, you are giving up your OWN claim on your right to live. You have the right up until you infringe on someone else's. That's simple, rational stuff. If you can't use reason in your world view, then you are by definition looking at things irrationally. If you act irrationally, and it results in you doing something like killing those 9 people, then you have waived your own right to your life. Do you get that? You don't need a government to tell you that. But if you can't figure it out without a government telling you that, please do the rest of us a favor and don't do anything dangerous like voting.

Comment Re:Sad in a philosophical sense (Score 1) 104

And yet, towering over all of these in importance is the kind of shirt the spokesman is wearing when he makes the announcement that humanity has arrived at some great new achievement.

"If you can force a rocket scientist, celebrating the accomplishment of a lifetime, to cry and grovel and beg forgiveness on international TV for wearing a shirt, you are not unempowered."

Comment Re:Authoritarians will always rule. (Score 1) 415

you need to read closely, the claim is that abortion should be outlawed if and only if, the state outlawing abortion can (without risking the life of the pregnant woman), remove the fetus. Once the fetus is removed, it is then becomes the duty of the state to maintain and grow the fetus using whatever incubator technology they have available.

Sorry, I missed the science fiction premise. I will try harder to remember that this is Slashdot, and not a place to get serious about discussing real solutions to real problems.

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