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Comment: Re:CDOs weren't the problem (Score 1) 732

by adamkennedy (#35634496) Attached to: Friends Don't Let Geek Friends Work In Finance

The problem isn't so much the bargain introductory rates, we've had them in Australia for decades.

The problem was this was the first time America had been introduced to them, and a HUGE volume of them were done in a single 2 year period (unlike here, where they spread out naturally).

So the problem of the introductory rates expiring and people defaulting came in a huge single wave, far higher than in countries that have had them for a long time.

Comment: Re:The only true answer... (Score 1) 159

by adamkennedy (#32674110) Attached to: When meeting polls on the internet, I

Wasn't this solved a year or so back? From memory the layman's version went something like...

"Any written or verbal communication language which allows the construct of a circular paradox of this nature is clearly not representing the reality of the situation accurately (because such a situation is impossible) therefore you are misusing the language... and you are also lying."

Comment: Strawberry Perl will be out in a week or so (Score 4, Informative) 263

by adamkennedy (#31841208) Attached to: Something For (Almost) Every Developer

Strawberry Perl has been doing betas all the way through the 5.12.0 RC process, so the production release should be out in a week or so.

What the summary doesn't mention is that there's some stuff in 5.12 that allows Strawberry to add:

GCC-based 64-bit support for Windows servers

Strawberry Portable (flash drive) stuff finally works in a first-class manner (with separate core/vendor/site installation targets).

Comment: Re:Bad news (Score 1) 325

by adamkennedy (#31680736) Attached to: Demand For Unmanned Aircraft Outstripping Their Capabilities

Morality aside, it was economically necessary.

There's a couple of great economics texts which boil down World War II to the following.

1. Germany's economy imported food and exported manufactured goods.

2. Economic limitations placed on Germany were leading to an inevitable foreign exchange crisis in which they would no longer be able to fund the "importing food" part of that relationship.

3. The only way to resolve this was to remove the limitations and then expand their resource base so that they wouldn't need foreign currency to buy food with. Thus, World War II (grossly simplified of course).

4. At no point during the war did the Germans ever exceed 25% of the wartime GDP of the combined allies, making ultimate defeat inevitable once they lost their initial technological advantage, which was also inevitable (because of the 25% thing).

Comment: Re:If your friend jumped off a cliff would you do (Score 1) 244

by adamkennedy (#31272908) Attached to: Steam UI Update Beta Drops IE Rendering For WebKit

Especially if that game was something awesome like Tony Hawk's Skate'n'BASE Jumparama, where you have to do rad skate tricks off of buildings, cliffs and other high structures.

Did you see that demo with the invert 720 low-deploy with the sports chute? I can't wait to try it for real off the radio mast down the road!

Comment: It was awesome how thoroughly they won too (Score 5, Informative) 252

by adamkennedy (#31017356) Attached to: Landmark Ruling Gives Australian ISPs Safe Harbor

What I liked about this ruling was just how much they won it.

The judge said that Safe Harbour provisions did apply to the ISP... but they weren't needed because they only applied if the ISP explicit approved that user activity (which they do not)... and any infringement notices from the studios didn't need to be sent to consumers due to the Privacy Act (iiNet sends all infringement notices to the police instead)... and in any case the sending of infringement notices and subsequent banning etc was not considered a valid copyright prevention mechanism.

So yeah, they wiped the floor with them.

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