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Comment: Re:Why stop online? (Score 1) 597

by adamaix (#27074593) Attached to: Calif. Politican Thinks Blurred Online Maps Would Deter Terrorists

In this respect, google earth like services would play a better role in confusing terrorists if the US can figure out from time to time from where does a cell connect. In that knowledge, a MITM attack on their google earth could send them to attack an ambushed site.

So what you asking, is for google to deliberately violate our right to privacy. Well, I doubt that will go down well with the masses.

Comment: Re:Somehow we have to get a cat involved in this. (Score 1) 108

by adamaix (#27071921) Attached to: iRobot Develops Hamster-Guided Robotic Vacuum
Yes, in that movie Wanted , they describe in detail of an interesting method of infiltrating a nearly impenetrable castle using rats. Collect rats outside a dumpster using peanut butter and arm them with miniature time bombs. Activate the timer just before you let the rats loose in front of the castle, the idea is, that rats are able to go through places small enough to storm the inside of the castle and detonate their payload.

Comment: Re:No proof yet... (Score 2, Informative) 1056

by adamaix (#26841445) Attached to: Court Rules Autism Not Caused By Childhood Vaccine
I can attest to that as I am myself deaf in my right ear, and partly deaf in my left ear. There was a period in my youth when I was evaluated at length by by doctors who thought I may have a mild case of Asperger's Syndrome over and above my hearing difficulty, however, the diagnosis did not prove conclusive with enough evidence. I suspect at times they may have been right, but, the circumstances and lack of clinical research at the time was not enough (bare in mind I live in a so called "third world" country). As for specialised services, my primary school sent me in for a series of test, of which I passed with flying colours and was able to cope with regular schooling with relatively no difficulty. I am thankful for that, I probably would not be where I am were I sent to a specialised school. That being said, there was many occasions when I have been treated as a "retard", simply because I could not hear what was being said. In most cases I have to bring forth my hearing difficulty, to explain why I could not hear, and in most cases people take that into consideration when communicating with me without being overly sensitive. I've also had to undergo speech therapy, which really helped me a bit. Over the years I found ways to disguise my disability with the effect that most people I meet these days are absolutely clueless they are dealing with a deaf person :)

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