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Comment: Re:Don't do anything (Score 1) 758

by adam.dorsey (#36531158) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How Do I Scrub Pirated Music From My Collection?

Except they actually come back and say "Hey! Here's a list of files you have that look like they were downloaded from illegal public torrents. You now owe us $48 million dollars."

They don't want you to delete the files or actually comply with copyright laws, they want an obscene unreasonable payday subsidised by the American court system.

Comment: Re:unprecedented evile exposed, reacting as expect (Score 1) 66

by adam.dorsey (#35312670) Attached to: Intel Announces a BIOS Implementation Test Suite

You know, if you translate your brainless hate speech into German, it kinda sounds like Hitler. (Imagine short angry guy with mustache screaming the following)

Sprich für dich, du schwach gewollt, lilly-livered Hündin. Ich hasse Ausländer und Kinder, insbesondere diejenigen, die weinen, sind hungrig und fehlende ihre terroristischen Mütter und Väter, weil sie selbst die Luft gesprengt oder habe sich erschossen oder dich für das Leben für den Versuch zu bringen "Tod Amerika" gesperrt.

Ich sage bekommen einige Schläger angeheuert, um eine Kugel durch jeden einzelnen dieser weinerliche Babys im Namen der nationalen Sicherheit bringen, bevor es aufwächst, beginnt verehren einige bis Religion gefickt und dann kommt wieder die Luft zu sprengen Amerika befreit sie von einigen Nutjob dass hätte normalerweise gefoltert sie ihren Tod vor 20. Geburtstag für sein von der falschen Stamm.

Soldier hassen Muschis wie du machst mich krank.

**** God Bless America ****
- Gott segne Unsere Truppen -


Bicycles As a Gateway To Government Control 634 Screenshot-sm

Posted by samzenpus
from the slippery-spoke dept.
somaTh writes "Dan Maes, a candidate for governor of Colorado, thinks he's found an international conspiracy that starts with bike sharing. The article describes his current complaints with the incumbent's policies. 'The bike program in it of itself, if that's all it is, I wouldn't be opposed to it,' Maes told 9NEWS. 'What I am opposed to is if it's part of a bigger program that the mayor has signed on to as part of a UN program. That I would be opposed to.' He goes on to argue that the bicycle program is only a gateway into bigger policies including, but not limited to, forced abortions and population control. I understand that bike seats are uncomfortable, but I had no idea it was on purpose."

"There is such a fine line between genius and stupidity." - David St. Hubbins, "Spinal Tap"