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Comment: Ditched Satellite (Score 1) 697

by adairw (#35902776) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Are You Streaming-Only For Home Entertainment?
I cancelled my satellite a couple months ago because my wife and I decided that we just didn't watch enough TV to justify the cost. We looked around and found that Netflix and hulu plus offered the majority of the shows we wanted to watch. A couple weeks ago I ordered an OTA antenna using the mount where the satellite was for the antenna. This allows us to pick up 6-8 extra channels and have real time access to the local weather with severe weather season approaching. I do miss not having the discovery/history/tcl channel all the time but I make due watching some stuff on the websites and 9 times out of 10 I'm on the computer watching anyway.

Comment: Droid vs iPhone (Score 5, Informative) 353

by adairw (#30878294) Attached to: Rumor — AT&T Losing iPhone Exclusivity Next Week
I have a Droid on Verizon and my girlfriend just got an iPhone on at&t. Nearly all my friends have iPhones and honestly I've always wanted one. However I didn't want to carry two att phones, as my work provides me a phone. So I've stuck with alltel/verizon for my personal phone. As a self proclaimed nerd I really enjoy what I can do on my android device and I see a ton of potential in the future but as far as end to end experience goes, the iPhone's interface is a lot cleaner/smoother. As far as apps go on android I've found just about everything I want as far as apps go. Even most of the ones my friends have on iPhone. One thing I really like about my droid is the quality of the calls both on speaker and on the hand set. Sounds really nerdy but I have a friend who works for a bank and he also has a droid, before he got it if he was in his server room on the phone I could hear the noise from all the servers and other equipment...Not with his droid, it sounded DEAD quiet. I kept asking him if he was really in the server room and he kept laughing at me saying he was. I like at&t and the iphone, I also like android and verizon. When it came down to it for me I wanted something new, not what everyone else had.

Comment: Re:Only Half a dozen BSD and Linux Appliances... (Score 1) 180

by adairw (#29764687) Attached to: Affordably Aggregating ISP Connections?
not even a virtual hardware, just a nic that supports 802.1q and a vlan capable switch! In theory a single interface is all that's needed with the right hardware. There is a story online where a guy took a computer with two nic's (one lan, one wan) a vlan switch and load-balanced across 6 DSL connections for a gaming center using pfSense.

Comment: pfSense (Score 3, Interesting) 180

by adairw (#29764035) Attached to: Affordably Aggregating ISP Connections?
Unless you can get your ISP to bond several connections together about the best you can do is load balancing across multiple connections. I use pfsense ( as my router/firewall VPN solution that's free, you only supply the hardware to run it on. with it you can load balance and fail over to 2 or more connections automatically. Specif connections can even be setup to have certain traffic routed over them while all other traffic gets load balanced round robin style. there are of course other free *nix distros out there that will let you do the same type of stuff however I and many others have found pfSense to be far batter than most. AW

Vulnerability, Potential Exploit In Cisco WLAN APs 35

Posted by timothy
from the just-wrap-it-in-tin-foil dept.
An anonymous reader writes "The AirMagnet Intrusion Research Team has uncovered a new wireless vulnerability and potential exploit associated with Cisco wireless LAN infrastructure. The vulnerability involves Cisco's Over-the-Air-Provisioning (OTAP) feature found in its wireless access points. The potential exploit, dubbed SkyJack by AirMagnet, creates a situation whereby control of a Cisco AP can be obtained, whether intentionally or unintentionally, to gain access to a customer's wireless LAN."

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