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Comment Re:What idiocy (Score 1) 302

USA puts people in prison for life without parole for simple possession. Something to think about.

Outlawing information - any information - is the first step down a dark road. The proposed law also outlaws any CNC files that could be used for same; but this information is perfectly valid for a gunsmith, and it's a short walk from that to machinery or chemistry texts.

Interesting times.

Comment Re:Will Any Effort Be Made To Validate The Report? (Score 1) 399

No - according to the CDC, 18.3% of women and 1.4% of men experience rape.


The National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey -- source of the CDC numbers, according to your linked PDF -- doesn't include prisons. It also does not count the 4.8% of men who reported being "made to penetrate someone else" as rape victims; a definition of rape that's dependent on the topology of someone's genitals rather than issues of bodily agency is highly problematic.

If we include prison rape, evidence suggests that more men are raped than women, though we're dealing with numbers with large error bars.

(None of this is intended to downplay the seriousness of sexual assault.)

Comment xCode? (Score 1) 337

Don't care so much for the OS integration.

It would be nice to be able to create programs on the iPad Pro, though. It's performance and specs make a compelling case.

In the meantime, if you want to program, you need to bring your macbook and iPad..

Also, when will they give the Mac Pro some love?

Developers? Developers? Developers...

Comment Re:This is a good thing. (Score 1) 291

Well, we still have to figure out a good way to get rid of coal fired power plants, that task alone is probably going to take a good chunk of those 80M people. If you had 80M people building windmills and solar-thermal plants you could get rid of coal worldwide in less than a generation, maybe even produce enough excess power to have everyone use a BEV. That would be a significant good to everyone on the planet and the primary reason we don't do it today is cost, but cost is just a way of measuring labor so if you have a bunch of available labor the cost should be reduced.

Comment Re:Not bad, but still not there (Score 1) 34

The A9 isn't that far ahead unless you want to focus only on single core metrics. The only metric with a significant margin is multicore FP and nobody really cares because you'll pass any tough FP off to the GPU and the 810 is already about 75% as fast as the A9 in Manhattan offscreen so doubling GPU performance would give it a significant lead (but that's not a given since I haven't seen anything about the GPU being double). This really shouldn't be a surprise since they're similar core architectures on the same process node with nearly the same transistor budget so performance shouldn't be drastically different.

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