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Comment: Re:I'm using the 105Mbit service. The datacap is r (Score 0) 372

by acvh (#35839074) Attached to: Comcast's 105MBit Service Comes With Data Cap
A HD movie on iTunes is 4.7GB down. One movie a day 30 days = 141GB. Now let's do some TV. 4 shows a day also HD ~1GB per. (22min for 3 and 1 40min show) that's another 4 GB * 30 = 120 GB and voila, 262 GB / month.
who the hell watches one movie and four tv shows per DAY? if it's you, turn off the tv and take a walk.

Comment: Re:The Unfortunate Reality of Maintaining Legacy (Score 1) 204

by acvh (#27774989) Attached to: What Kind of Data Center Can You Build With $500M?

re: your "designed in reverse" observation. Right on. And not only that, but many organizations still use those metrics of cpu cycles and I/O to bill internal clients for running reports. Which explains why people here in my current office are afraid to request reports.

Comment: Be Professional (Score 1) 958

by acvh (#27313541) Attached to: How Do You Deal With Pirated Programs At Work?

In a meeting with your boos tell hom/her that one of your responsibilities as the IT guy is to ensure license compliance and that you would like to document all of your software. Ask for access to invoices to see what's been purchased. Inventory all software installed and prepare a report showing where there might be an issue. Offer a solution or solutions to dealing with the issue: buying licenses, researching alternative programs, etc.

Don't be confrontational, don't be a dick, don't make threats or demands. Do tell them about the BSA and what can happen if they are to get audited. Turn your concerns into a positive for the company. That's why they hired you.

Comment: Re:Seriously? (Score 1) 296

by acvh (#26696173) Attached to: Could Fake Phishing Emails Help Fight Spam?

I'm not a kernel developer, but every mailing list to which I once subscribed moved to web based forums, which I find much, much more convenient to use. I think mailing lists are a relic which some are reluctant to give up, and I'm sure there may be good reasons for that. I just don't know what they are.

If a "solution" to spam were to exist or be developed, and mailing lists suffered collateral damage, there are other ways for the participants to communicate and discuss.

Comment: Re:Because... (Score 1) 225

by acvh (#26148847) Attached to: Plethora of New User Space Filesystems For Mac OS X

much of that problem is a holdover from pre-OS X days. many Mac users got so used to using little hacks from garage developers that they keep using them with OS X rather than finding a better way to do it. I've been a productive Mac users since 10.0 and haven't seen the need for "haxies" or other Rube Goldberg type programs.

Comment: Re:Well, duh (Score 1) 412

by acvh (#25970851) Attached to: "FOSS Business Model Broken" — Former OSDL CEO

Perhaps, but solutions make money. I'm using some genuinely crappy software on an assignment now, but it's got the largest share of its market, and my employer is paying bags of money to use it. There is no open source equivalent, because it requires more expertise than just writing good code: legal, financial, and regulatory expertise isn't cheap.

Comment: I'm 47 (Score 5, Funny) 684

by acvh (#25861279) Attached to: How to Deal With an Aging Brain?

and I've started making efforts to use external memory as much as possible: calendars, phonebooks, todo lists. All the things I didn't need 10 years ago.

i've been told that a good diet and exercise can help, but it's not THAT bad yet.

i forget people's names right after they introduce themselves. i lose my car keys every morning.

my daughter (8) is taking advantage of this; "daddy, remember you told me you'd take me to a movie." shit, maybe I did.


+ - Collapsed UK bank attempts to censor Wikileaks->

Submitted by James Hardine
James Hardine (1150665) writes "Wikileaks has released a couple of hilarious legal demands over a confidential briefing memo entitled Project Wing — Northern Rock Executive Summary. Northern Rock Bank (UK) collapsed spectacularly late last year on the back of the sub-prime lending crisis and was re-floated by the Bank of England at a cost of over £24bn. The memo was used by the Financial Times, the Telegraph and others. It attracted a number of censorship injunctions, as reported by the Guardian, which only Wikileaks continues to withstand. In their legal demand to Wikileaks, Northern Rock's well-known media lawyers, Schillings, invoke the DMCA & WIPO, claim it'll be 10 years in prison for Wikileaks operators for not following the UK injunction, but then, incredibly, refuse to hand over a copy of the order unless Wikileaks' London lawyers promise not to give it to Wikileaks. Finally they claim copyright and more — on their demands! The letters raise a serious issue about the climate of censorship in the UK, where one can apparently easily obtain a censorship order — a judge made law — that everyone is meant to obey, but no one is meant to know."
Link to Original Source

Google Reader Begins Sharing Private Data 313

Posted by kdawson
from the thought-it-was-your-data-eh dept.
Felipe Hoffa writes "One week ago Google Reader's team decided to begin showing your private data to all your GMail contacts. No need to opt-in, no way to opt-out. Complaints haven't been answered. Some users share their problems, including one family who says they won't be able to enjoy this Christmas because of this 'feature.' Will Google start doing this with all their products? You can check a summary of complaints in my journal here or browse the whole thread in Google Groups."

"Mach was the greatest intellectual fraud in the last ten years." "What about X?" "I said `intellectual'." ;login, 9/1990