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Comment: It's almost as if... (Score 1) 384

by acoustix (#48204503) Attached to: Ebola Does Not Require an "Ebola Czar," Nor Calling Up the National Guard

...Obama has no leadership experience at all. He procrastinates making decisions, and when shit fails he blames someone else. He's never accountable for anything.

Who would have thought that a community organizer and a state senator with a record number of "present votes" can't lead.


Comment: Re:The Conservative Option (Score 1) 487

by acoustix (#48096583) Attached to: Texas Ebola Patient Dies

Wrong. Aid workers from the US could return if they go through quarantine. And throughout that process they would receive our best medical care. However, having unrestricted travel between countries when there is a plague on the loose is moronic.

Moronic... an opinion morons have.

Really? You don't think the people that want to get to the United States are going to travel somewhere else first and then simply go to the US from there? Thus, if they are infected, spreading the disease even further? Or simply trek to the nearest nation they can travel around from?

Call names all you want, that seems to be the method employed by the people promoting the travel ban option. That and batshit insane fear mongering. know....look at their travel history before letting them in the US. Isn't that the job of customs at the airports?

Comment: Re:not complicated...monopology (Score 1, Insightful) 346

You might want look up the definition of monopoly. A government run Internet is a monopoly. I have 5+ choices for Internet access (all private companies) in my *small* town. That's not a monopoly.

The article even admits that it's all government run. Which means its most likely all subsidized by their massive taxes. The government shouldn't be providing services that can be done by the private sector.

Comment: Timeline of events (Score 1) 194

by acoustix (#47678887) Attached to: The Billion-Dollar Website

It would be nice if someone has a compiled timeline of events starting with extremely uncoordinated writing and passing of the law, to the point where technical specs were released to the contractor, when the actually flow of information and final HHS rules were announced, up through go live and the fixes being implemented after go live.

From what I've read/heard there was little to no work being done from 2010 when the bill was signed into law up through 2012. The administration purposely withheld information about Obamacare from the public and from the contractor due to the election year (2012) and didn't want bad press. Once the election had passed the government released more specs and information to the public and to the contractor on how the website was supposed to function. That's when we found out the dirty little lies and secrets. It's damn near impossible to build a website/service to handle 300M+ people in 6 months, but that's what our government did.

This whole bill/law/implementation has been bungled so badly by:
- the incompetent people who wrote it (bureaucrats with no understanding of health care and did not consult people from the health care industry)
- the incompetent people in Congress who blindly passed it without reading or understanding the devastating effect it would have
- the incompetent administration who continued to lie about how the law affected the citizens, and took no ownership of this massive project

Can anyone imagine a scenario where this could have been handled worse? Every step along the way was screwed up.

Comment: Fair Use? (Score 2) 317

by acoustix (#47567495) Attached to: Ford, GM Sued Over Vehicles' Ability To Rip CD Music To Hard Drive

Wasn't this already decided by the courts as fair use? Consumers aren't expected to purchase recordings for each playback device. I think it has been decided that it's legal to purchase a CD and make copies for personnal use. That should cover copies to analog tapes and copies to files for mobile devices.

Comment: Re:Radicalization (Score 3, Insightful) 868

by acoustix (#47556733) Attached to: Gaza's Only Power Plant Knocked Offline

Hamas started it and reuses to agree to any proposed cease fire. Israel isn't the group calling for the extermination, Hamas is. Israel has also offered legitimacy to the Palestinian government in exchange for a cease fire and removing the language in the charter to kill all jews.

But yeah, go ahead and blame Israel.

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