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Comment Re:Or let us keep our hard-earned money (Score 1) 537 537

Because if they do that the people of the red states won't pay for things like roads and schools, just cool things like NASCAR and shotguns.

Obviously I'm talking about corporate and personal welfare programs. I'm not talking about government infrastructure. I realize the benefit in roads.

I don't think that people realize how much more expensive some goods and services are *beacuse* they are being subsidized. The government rarely seems to pay a correct amount for these things. Plus subsidies drive up demand which drives up costs.

Comment "Truckers" should use commercial solutions (Score 4, Insightful) 363 363

Truckers shouldn't use google maps anyway - they don't provide legal truck routes. There are other applications out there like ALK PC Miler that provides truck routes based on verified truck routes, height and weight limits, etc.

I'm not sure that Google wants to get into that game, at least not providing a free product.

Comment Re:Remote? In Massachusetts? (Score 2, Informative) 90 90

My thoughts exactly. I'm in Iowa. We have co-ops that have spread high speed Internet access all across the state. For those not familiar with Iowa, we are very spread out with many people in rural areas. How in the hell does Massachusetts not have the same? It is a tiny state.

Comment Re:No, they're not (Score 1) 113 113

Obviously you're not aware they've been making a secure Android for certain customers for some time now (in partnership with Boeing).

I'm aware of that. BTW, how's that going? Not well.

You're wrong about Android being unsecurable - there are several high-end phone manufacturers that build their own secure Androids, you just won't see them on Best Buy.

You mean like the "most secure Android device" that was cracked in less than 5 minutes?

Comment No, they're not (Score 2) 113 113

This rumor comes up every year. There would be no advantage to them releasing an Android device. They wouldn't get any cut of app sales, they can't control Android security (which is an absolute joke), and people still won't buy it because it's a BB.

I'm a die hard BB fan. I've had 6 or 7 BB devices since 2004 (currently a Z10 running 10.3.1) and I'm a 10+ year BES admin. The BlackBerry 10 OS is solid, secure and fast. Give it time. A lot of time. It already runs most Android apps.

Android is a mess. It varies wildly between phone manufacturers and it is dominated by 2 or 3 companies. Don't go down that path.

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