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Comment Can they please look for this first: (Score 5, Interesting) 167 167


I want to believe it's real - but if this really is on the moon then I think we'd have been visiting the moon more frequently to study its construction and the technology it would hold - but we haven't so for that reason I don't believe.

Comment St John's wort (Score 1) 182 182

I was on Fluoxetine for a while until deciding that I no longer wanted my brain to be fed this stuff. Being concerned about its effects on the environment and the millions of people on this stuff helped me to make the decision to come of it and deal with the depression myself using alternative methods.
Am now taking a St John's wort tablet each morning with breakfast and a 5-HTP tablet before bedtime. Have felt great, if not better, than when I was on Fluoxetine. And I'm pretty sure that St John's wort is not going to harm Shrimps.

Comment How about more unpaid time off? (Score 1) 396 396

I'm feeling exactly the same. I want to work less and would love to go part time. I have thought about talking to my boss about having every other Monday off. I only get twenty days holiday a year and so in the end I just asked for a few extra one week blocks off a year unpaid and my boss was very understanding and said yes.

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