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Comment Re:Japanese mental illness (Score 2) 770 770

As a person who travels a fair bit and have lived in many different countries including Japan (but now resides in Europe) ... I can assure you that it's the behaviour in the US that would get the rest of the planet thrown in the wacky shack. Please stay where you are ...

Comment Austerity doesn't effect the highly educated... (Score 0) 476 476

so I find it quite comfortable in Germany. In fact, I'll probably add another academic title quite soon. I just wish that my American passport would list the titles as it can cause some confusion when traveling (Passport and Credit Cards don't always match in the computer).

Comment US = bankrupt and can't afford 3 occupations ... (Score 1) 256 256

It makes fiscal sense not to provoke the DPRK. the US is essentially bankrupt and can't be spending money to occupy a third country (Afghanistan, Iraq and DPRK). Personally, I'd like to see the US slide further down the economic slippery slope (hello from Germany) but it really doesn't make long-term fiscal sense ... not that it has ever stopped the US before.

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