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Comment: Damage: How Law Firm Recruiting Works (Score 1) 264

by achesloc (#18279514) Attached to: Law Student Web Forum: Free Speech Gone too Far?
I am not sure some of you understand what kind of damage this particular board can do. First, this is a very very small community. In some cases there are as few as 100 students per class. In law school, much like high school, everybody know everybody. It is very easy to identify people, and many students know lots of students at some of the other schools. Everybody knows where everone else is working that summer, and who is dating whom. Also, a lot of you fail to realize how law firm hiring works. If you fall outside the 2L hiring system, you are essentially in serious trouble. It is very difficult to find a good large law firm job if you did not summer in your 2L summer. Trying to find a job as a 3L is exceptionally difficult, even if you go to an elite school. It is like a dented can in many ways. Imagine having 180k in debt and be completely outside of the hiring cycle because of the anonymous comments on a website. Particularly if you have spent most your adult life working towards that point and now you find yourself at the mercy of some kids that think their actions are funny.

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