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Comment Bad metric (Score 1) 385

Google, Yahoo, and bing all have different kinds of crowds. Google has a more experienced crowd that will look for way more obscure things than your average person using internet explorer and searching on bing or a person that is just used to yahoo.

You're not going to be searching for "cheesy hilarity sticks" on bing.

Comment Re:So if Apple was smart (Score 1) 146

Apple would NEVER do this. Steve Jobs is meticulous about how the stores are set up even if they are in China. The tables in all of their stores cost 10,000 since they are made of a special wood. All of the floors are made from a stone from a quarry in which APPLE OWNS!

There is a reason apple only has 4 stores in mainland China. They don't do anything half ass. If they want to sell Apple products they would pay an electronic store to sell them than make half ass stores.

Comment Re:I hope Apple knows that China doesn't fuck arou (Score 1) 146

And I'm guessing that they're just paying lip service to Apple, copyrights, patents and the like. And as soon as the store owners start paying the right people, it will be business as usual (again).

Apple isn't some company that can be hijacked without any real consequences. They literally make EVERYTHING in China and are a major hardware player. China could care less about most things fake such as fake purses, fake IDs, fake software, fake clothing, etc. A fake Gucci purse isn't going to cause much trouble and the enforcement of it would really be a drag and would not add any value since all that stuff is made else where by not hugely influential companies.

China really doesn't have much to gain from fake Apple stores. They are upfrontly damaging the brand of company which moves a lot of product in China and they are not paying the higher taxes which US companies have to pay. They are making a mockery of Chinese and the Chinese don't want to be made to look like idiots.

China is never going to give a shit about fake apple products being made though. You can make fake iPhones and iPods all frikin' day. Fakes are a joke in China, and are something to be expected that even companies don't usually give a shit. However, hijacking an entire brand is different.

Comment This seems legit... (Score 1) 101

This actually seems like legitimate response from the egyptian government. It is one thing to say your government sucks...but it is another thing to say "with how much our government sucks, they should be killed by militant groups". While this probably wouldn't cause prosecution in the US unless a specific name is mentioned. 15 days and $3,360 for death threats?

Looks like egypt is going in the right direction. In unreformed countries like Syria, Saudi Arabia, China, and Iran even criticizing would have a much largely penalty (eg. months). Death threats would be life in prison.

Cheers to you Egypt!


Iran Says Siemens Helped US, Israel Build Stuxnet 300

CWmike writes "Iran's Brigadier General, Gholam Reza Jalali, accused Siemens on Saturday with helping US and Israeli teams craft the Stuxnet worm that attacked his country's nuclear facilities. 'Siemens should explain why and how it provided the enemies with the information about the codes of the SCADA software and prepared the ground for a cyber attack against us,' Jalali told the Islamic Republic News Service. Siemens did not reply to a request for comment on Jalali's accusations. Stuxnet, which first came to light in June 2010 but hit Iranian targets in several waves starting the year before, has been extensively analyzed by security researchers. Symantec and Langner Communications say Stuxnet was designed to infiltrate Iran's nuclear enrichment program, hide in the Iranian SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) control systems that operate its plants, then force gas centrifuge motors to spin at unsafe speeds. Jalali suggested that Iranian officials would pursue Siemens in the courts, and claimed that Iranian researchers traced the attack to Israel and the US. He said information from infected systems was sent to computers in Texas."

SlashTweaks Let YOU Micro-Edit Slashdot 257

Here at Slashdot, we watched as Twitter discourse to just the perfect 140 characters, while showed us that everyone's voice mattered equally when creating the experience. We've taken the next step with SlashTweaks. Within each Slashdot you will be presented with several opportunities to make micro-edits: ranging from factual errors or tonal shifts to simple typos. Since Tweaks are just a single word, there is very little barrier to entry... you have no excuse not to participate. Stories will incorporate the highest rated socially and mathematically guaranteeing the best story possible. Our highest users can start new tweaks on individual words, while everyone else will be rating existing tweaks. Thanks for your participation and patience while we iterate on this, making sure that we are able to stay ahead of the edge of webbovation!

Comment I trust Google... (Score 2, Informative) 150

more than banks hands down. My family are invested in a regional bank and I just got an e-mail stating that they are ending my free checking and that if I don't deposit more money they will charge me $5 a month.

Google may not be perfect and they screw up sometimes but they are the kind of screw ups you glance at shame on you and move on. I mean sure they were taking public wifi data but cmon' it was public data and it was just random packets so that they do location services. Heck, I have an incredibly hard time finding unsecured networks as almost all routers nudge users to security a lot more then they used to. My friend's aptartment has no internet and there are 15 wifi networks and all of them are secure.

Anyways, how can credit unions be shamed for "collusion", they aren't even a for-profit company. Credit unions are the closest thing the banking sector has to a charity so saying they are colluding is like saying the United Way, Red Cross, and Goodwill are colluding for holding joint event.

Comment Photography is not a crime (Score 1) 878

This has been said time and time again. Some Rep tried to do some grandstanding "resolution" but what we really need is a law protecting people's rights to video tape public officials. You can add whatever "under reasonable conditions, without directly impeding, only in a public place (street, public building etc.)" as long as the general act of video taping a cop under normal circumstances (such as in your own damn vehicle) is not a crime in itself.

What the motorcyclist did was stupid and he deserved to be booked with at least careless driving and at most reckless endangerment but the cop shouldn't have pulled a gun out without identifying himhelf as such. The correct thing would have een to flash his badge/say "I'm a police officer, dismount immediately" and THEN pull out his gun and THEN point it at him if he didn't comply.

In Florida the police officers and FHP don't usually chase speeding motorcyclists because it would endanger other drivers due to the speed and maneuverability of motos and just try and get their tag written down.


China Censors HIV/AIDS Awareness Documentary 120

eldavojohn writes "Amnesty International is reporting an unusual case of censorship in which Chinese police questioned HIV/AIDS workers in China and instructed them to cancel an airing of a documentary made by Aizhixing Institute of Health Education on the disease. The director of that NGO recently left China after constant police harassment. The canceled documentary was about Tian Xi, a patient who contracted HIV by blood transfusion at age 9."

Firefox 4 Beta 1 Shines On HTML5 256

snydeq writes "InfoWorld's Peter Wayner takes a first look at Firefox 4 Beta 1 and sees several noteworthy HTML5 integrations that bring Firefox 4 'that much closer to taking over everything on the desktop.' Beyond the Chrome-like UI, Firefox 4 adds several new features that 'open up new opportunities for AJAX and JavaScript programmers to add more razzle-dazzle and catch up with Adobe Flash, Adobe AIR, Microsoft Silverlight, and other plug-ins,' Wayner writes. 'Firefox 4 also adds an implementation of the Websockets API, a tool for enabling the browser and the server to pass data back and forth as needed, making it unnecessary for the browser to keep asking the server if there's anything new to report.'"

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